Price & Types Of Visa

Tybs Of Visa

Emiratesevisa offers a convenient and streamlined solution for obtaining your UAE visa, with options tailored to your travel needs. Here’s a breakdown of the types we offer:

1. Single Entry Visa:

  • Ideal for: Short trips, vacations, or specific events.
  • Validity: Choose from 30, 60, or 14-day visas depending on your planned stay.
  • Transit Visa: This 96-hour visa allows a brief stopover in the UAE before continuing your journey.

Maximum 96 Hours (Transit Visa):

Price: 72 USD

Process Time = 48 Hour

Single Entry Visa (30 Days):

Price: 135 USD

Process Time = 48 Hour

Single Entry Visa (14 Days):

Price: 99 USD

Process Time = 48 Hour

Single Entry Visa (60 Days):

Price: 232 USD

Process Time = 48 Hour

2. Multiple Entry Visa:

  • Ideal for: Frequent travelers, business trips, or extended stays.
  • Validity: Choose between 30 or 60-day visas with the flexibility to enter and exit the UAE multiple times within the validity period.

Multiple Entry Visa (30 Days):

Price: 190 USD

Process Time = 48 Hour

Multiple Entry Visa (60 Days):

Price: 248 USD

Process Time = 48 Hour

How To Make Reservation?

Choose Your Visa

Start by exploring our visa options on the Emiratesevisa website. Whether you crave a short desert escape or a multi-entry business trip, we have the perfect visa to match your plans. Each visa description clearly outlines its validity and entry allowances.


Apply Online

Our user-friendly platform makes applying a breeze. Simply select your chosen visa, fill out the online application form with your details, and upload any required documents. The entire process is clear, intuitive, and takes just a few minutes.


Relax and Receive

Once you submit your application and fees, our efficient team swings into action. We handle the processing with speed, keeping you informed every step of the way. 


No More Waiting, Start Exploring: Get Your UAE Visa Today!

Effortless Application:

Skip the paperwork maze and apply for your UAE visa online in minutes. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy and convenient.

Lightning-Fast Processing: 

Ditch the wait! Get your eVisa approved in record time, so you can start planning your dream UAE adventure sooner.

Expert Support:

Have questions? Our visa gurus are here to help, ensuring a smooth and worry-free visa application process.


“Planning my trip to Dubai felt overwhelming until I discovered Emiratesevisa. Their website was so easy to navigate, and the entire process took less than 10 minutes! My visa arrived super fast, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Thanks to Emiratesevisa, I could focus on planning my desert adventures and shopping sprees!

Sarah Jones, Travel Blogger


As a frequent traveler to the UAE for business, I rely on speed and efficiency. Emiratesevisa delivers every time! Their multiple entry visa options are perfect for my needs, and their customer support is always available to answer any questions. They’ve taken the hassle out of visa applications, allowing me to focus on closing deals and building relationships.

David Lee, Business Consultant

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