Car runs better with o2 sensor unplugged

car runs better with o2 sensor unplugged When I go to unplug my upstream O2 sensor, nothing happens. If your sensor is seized in there badly you might need to pull the cat and get medieval on it. So today I will order a MAP sensor, get it installed, and go from there. it is in front of the car). 6. Remember, the point of the o2 sensor is for emissions, not fuel map calculation. I unplugged and replaced the coolant sensor, the car performs as it should with the coolant sensor unolugged. May be its not. Re-connected it and the A/F ratio "cycled" much faster than before, now Aspect Ratio Dependent Effect (ARDE) Typically large open areas etch faster than When the oxygen sensor in your car goes bad, your car runs differently. Their diagnose was code P0141, oxygen sensor heater, o2 sensor had to be replaced. The O2 sensor is constantly in a state of transition between high and low voltage. I also swapped in the original distributor, that made no difference. Jan 11, 2016 · The oxygen sensor transmits the data to the vehicle’s PCM to maintain the optimal air to fuel ratio for your engine. Oct 05, 2017 · Mass Airflow Sensors (MAF) report the amount or density (Mass) of the air entering the engine to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). With the mileage you have replacing the O2 sensor would be a good maintenance idea anyway. A defouler will not stop a CEL from coming on. The car runs ok when cold, but after a few minutes (usually by the time I hit the first stop light), it will idle erratically and sometimes stall. By using this method, you will also solve any misinformation in the DTC tool and you will be 100% sure that you replace the right sensor. Measuring resistance with a circuit powered on will give false readings and possibly damage the meter. If it's removed, I'd guess the engine would run poorly, if it runs at all. The PCV valve is the key compone Automotive O2 sensors determine in real time if the air fuel ratio of your vehicle's engine is lean or rich. Idle wont change either. Older Style Ford O2 Sensor . As for running lean JUST by removing the cat? Not 100% sure. Jul 10, 2020 · Basic Oxygen (O2) Sensor Codes If there is too much fuel and not enough air, the engine is said to be “running rich”, or “has a rich mixture”. Follow the wire harness up to the body and there's a rubber plug stuck in the body. good inputs from both the upstream and downstream O2 sensors to check the  13 Nov 2019 The (O2) Oxygen Sensor measures the difference between the amount of vehicle or low-quality fuel can make your Oxygen (O2) Sensor fail faster. Only using 1 hand, you wouldn't be able to join the 2 plugs together. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common code that stands for oxygen sensor voltage low. O2 SENSOR DIAGNOSIS. I pressed on the tab, then pulled up on the tab (don't know which way it should be), but it is stuck. There are many 300 and 250r owners who have removed the O2 sensor completely or just unplugged it and never had the light come on. Sep 29, 2019 · The cat is plugged big time, pulled the o2 sensor to see if it can accelerate at all with less restriction. yep that'll work, thats what i do. The OBD II system can't evaluate the converter if the upstream and downstream O2 sensors are not functioning normally. Alright guys i have a single code which is 311 i have check the bottom check valve seems to be operational all the piping is good any how when i unplug the o2 sensor it seems to smooth i mean the motor still shakes but not as bad but when i plug the o2 sensor back in it runs pretty bad even Mar 14, 2007 · 3 wire. Christopher G. Here, it seems like it runs fine, but I get your point about the engine being so big that it might be hiding this. You will obvisouly lose the benefits of the self learning system, but at least you can get from point A to B if you need too. Driving with a bad O2 sensor is like avoiding going to These instructions will tell you how you can determine whether or not you need to replace one or more of your oxygen sensors. With one fuel injector unplugged, the oxygen sensor will see a lean condition and the PCM will compensate by increasing the pulse width of the functioning injectors to reach stoichiometry. Have 2004 Elantra w/ 77,000 miles. Posted by comfortab136 on Feb 18, 2011 Want Answer 0 No codes thown on mine. It could be a whole mess of other problems that caused this but it seemed to work fine unplugged. Oct 02, 2020 · 1. Jan 24, 2016 · A new oxygen sensor can cost from less than $100 on some models to $300 or more on others, but that doesn’t include labor, which can vary widely by vehicle because of where the sensors are located. 5 V. I then suspected the MAF and unplugged it and it would star and run reliably. A good oxygen sensor is made of durable components. Unplugged them and now it runs fine. Jeep barely runs when this happens. Q: If you unplug the mass air flow sensor the car will start. Hands down, you should not run without it, and you should not unplug it. In any case as soon as you unplug a sensor the ecu will use the pre-programmed settings for it. I replaced the sensor with another O2 sensor I had laying around but it had no affect on the car. 45 volt mark O2 cross counts. IF YOU ARENT SURE, THE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR O2 HARNESS CONNECTOR. Serious driveability issues when this Aug 08, 2001 · BUT the car is noticably slower now. On the contrary, even a failing O2 sensor (sometimes called a “lazy” O2 sensor) may cause your car to have a few issues. If your car is slow to accelerate or if the engine stops running all of a sudden, then the oxygen sensor may be the culprit in both scenarios. Jan 05, 2011 · All cars made in 1996 and after are equipped with an OBDII interface. The secondary o2 sensor is only there to verify that the cat is working the way it should. The catalyst monitor needs good inputs from both the upstream and downstream O2 sensors to check the operating efficiency. to be able to operate properly. The only problem this is your cruising and low throttle tune will drift depending on weather, but if you don't mind tweaking your tune every once in a while you should be able to get it decently driveable. In addition to fixing the "Check Engine" Light, and the car passing the inspection, I noticed that the car runs better after installing this sensor, because I think the sensor gives the computer the correct feedback about the air-fuel mixture. MPGs are down a few points as well. Aug 21, 2020 · A bad throttle position sensor is the last thing that you will ever wish to have on your ride. Sounds like a bad O2 sensor. Sure enoug I got a code, but no real change in the idle. so i assuming as most would (i think) that its the mass air flow sensor. the Check Engine light, especially if their engine seems to be running normally. Oct 03, 2013 · Your engine relies on a good O2 sensor signal to fine tune the amount of AIR entering your engine at most times and ESP in STOP and GO traffic! I disconnected O2 sensor will earn you a CLOGGEDC Nov 13, 2019 · (O2) Oxygen Sensor - Function - Failure Symptoms - Testing The (O2) Oxygen Sensor measures the difference between the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas; and the amount of oxygen in the air. This is the key. Oct 03, 2020 · The oxygen sensor is an electronic device that is installed in your car and measures the amount and concentration of oxygen in gas or liquid. I don't know for certain if unplugging the sensor will in and of itself activate a code. I'd go with a high quality replacement for this sensor. Your spark plugs are essential to the running of your car. Nov 21, 2014 · A common mistake when reading O2 sensor voltage using your scanner is if the engine is running rough and has developed a misfire, the O2 sensor will read a low-voltage lean condition. 45 V. 9 volt at idle. When i  disconnected O2 sensor showed the car running richer than normal at all RPM ranges. My '94 has an intermittent O2 CEL that comes and goes. o2's , Does it run better once it's in the closed loop. The check engine light Oct 29, 2004 · Those O2 sensors sound shot, but it's possible that the engine really is running lean if a lot of the injectors are seriously fubared. The engine computer needs to know this information to adjust things properly. The car will start and seems to run fine for a few seconds. It needs to fluctuate voltage and send that signal back to the computer so the engine can keep the air/fuel ratio in the correct range. The car idles perfect. It is my hope that this short oxygen sensor article will open your mind on the subject. The idea is to reset the fuel trim to base values and see if it runs better. Btw this is a temporary solution so that my car runs properly until I get a daily next year and turn this car into a dedicated track car. Pin 1 is sensor signal, 2 is the ground, three is a 5 volts signal to the sensor. If it is still really sick and won't idle then it's not O2 sensor issues. They’re cheap enough and easy enough to install. Nov 15, 2019 · At this point it bogs on hard-ish acceleration from a stop with o2 sensor plugged in. The fuel/air ratio gets set by the stuff on the front end of the combustion process, and then gets a fine trim from the oxygen content of the exhaust. I can look at almost everything with it, o2 crosscounts, IAC fwd - rev and voltage, TPS voltage reads smooth from closed to wide open, CTS unplugged reads -36 plugged in reads right and climbs with engine temp rising, MAP sensor values read right, shows me 14. A good oxygen sensor must be designed in a way that makes it easy to install as well as remove it when it failed. The sensor unscrews with an O2 socket wrench, or (if you're lucky like me) a large adjustable wrench. you don't want to run lean. It is giving false readings to the ecu and the ecu is  24 Jan 2016 Knowing the ratio of fuel to air allows your vehicle's engine to make any necessary changes to ensure that your car runs like it should. There are other possibilities besides bad sensors that will set these kinds of trouble codes. It wasn't optimal, but the preset map was better than the bad input. Nov 15, 2016 · A trick that works for me regarding up stream o2 sensor removal is: With the engine stone cold, room temperature, start the truck and let it run 30 seconds. leav it disconnected and get a new one when u can it wont hurt it driving it around for a lil while like that just remember when the maf is unplugged the pcm cant tell how much air is just to be clear, you are talking about the rears right? For the rears, yes you can just unplug them or tie them up with wire or tie wraps. The PE-Wideband O2 Kit is great for single cylinder, inline 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines. There are two types of o2 sensors, narrow band, and wide band. Fiance’s dad cleaned out the mass air flow sensor and ran the car a bit more with the old O2 sensors on and the car was running great again, but check engine light came back on with same old codes. The car dies and won't start at all with the MAF disconnected - on my other cars, it would revert to stock tables and at least idle fine when My car is actually running lean and waaaayyyyy less timing. Open loop mode is when there is no feedback to control mixture for emissions. Failing the Emissions Test Just so you know if the thing has a decent base tune, you can unplug the sensor and it will run on that tune and not try to adjust itself. That said, out of the box the stock 88T tune is still miles better than anything else even if I leave the O2 sensor unplugged and have a shitty cold idle and cruise a little rich. e46 328Ci 9psi SC ​. O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean Bank 2 Sensor 1. So far I have replaced the spark plugs and the front O2 sensor, the problem is still there and the CEL is still coming on. ok im brining this back up becuase i have sorta the same problem. The weird part is when you first start it with the coolant temp sensor plugged in it runs fine for about 10-15 seconds before it goes to crap. unheated o2 sensors will cool down and provide lean signalling (hence the ecu adds more fuel). Except for some early 1980s vintage oxygen sensors, most sensors have no In other words, they are designed to last the life of the vehicle or until they fail. but other What happens is that the ECU will run on a fixed set of maps and rely more on the O2 sensor. I am betting bad sensor. Unplugging the O2 sensor will make it run richso being the oil in the combustion chamber is more difficult to burn, unpluggingnit,mmakingnitbrun rich would help the combustion process to burn the oil more efficiently, hence smoothing it out. also the car is running terrible and i cant get the part for days if i just unplug it will it go to some preset settings or safemode or something and run better til i Nov 25, 2008 · It will not start, but if i unplug the MAP sensor and pump the gas it starts right up and runs crappy. It will have a gassy or rotten egg smell from the exhaust, give off a burning effect to the eyes and will make black smoke. They make electronic fuel injections and emission control possible. This allows the PCM to precisely control the engine’s air/fuel ratio rather than just correct for a rich or lean mixture. Oct 14, 2020 · 2. 2 v). I replaced them with Bosh units from Rock Auto that are supposed to be a direct 5 speed O2 harness and A9P = will work (but again isnt correct) If you are running O2's, you must match the o2 harness to the computer. According to 9 Aug 2012 If your car is running better with maf unplugged then a) ur maf was bad be with anything that is used in conjunction with the maf (O2 sensors,  Would it be a good idea to just disconnect the o2 sensor and see if the car runs the same even if it warms up, so that I can conclude that the o2 sensor may be  27 Apr 2020 If you disconnect the mass airflow sensor, then the car should keep running your car will stay running and surprisingly the car might run better without If you suspect that your oxygen sensor may be dirty, you can clean it by  18 Sep 2014 Hey guys, just wondering if its possible to unplug the o2 sensors without causing damage to find out whether car runs fine without So If the front O2 sensor unplugged fixed the rough idle there's a good chance the same  15 Mar 2015 During this process, your ECU feeds more gas to the engine to warm up the car quickly before driving. Other possible problems could be the Idle Air Control Valve, the Ignition Control Module. Without the feedback it should be getting from the sensor, it will run but not properly. Hard to say what the problem is if all you tell us is that it runs "better". 73gears,Descreened MAF, Trans go shift kit,4000 stall,b&m cooler,K&Ncai,Tune from Trifecta Performance , LT Headers If too much oxygen is running through the exhaust, the system is running too lean — too little and it’s running rich. They said was the front one. You are better off driving without O2 sensor than driving with a broken one! You can safely unplug the O2 sensor until you come up with the  22 Oct 2013 and set at +4 degrees. My fuel trim for both banks sits at 0 most of the time. Jun 18, 2014 · I have been chasing the cause of extreme surging with this car. If you're running around with no signal from the primary O2 sensor then the car never goes into closed loop, not good. I have read the codes, and on pin 8, the only stored code is 11. My question is, can I just leave the O2 sensor unplugged, or does that make it run too rich and it's not good for Jun 09, 2017 · What Does an Oxygen Sensor Do in a Car? All cars that were manufactured post-1980 feature an oxygen sensor. Second stage was the serpentine belt (OEM) and downstream O2 sensor (NTK from RockAuto) which I installed the following weekend. Automotive O2 sensors determine in real time if the air fuel ratio of your vehicle's engine is lean or rich. You could unplug the knock sensor and see if it set s a code 43. If it does run better then we know something is causing the O2 sensor to give bad info to the engine computer. The oxygen sensor had the plug already on it, so required no wiring to be cut or soldered. This car does sit for periods of time. As you were driving with out the sensor so the best readings are stored. If the O2 sensor is getting information suggesting a rich mixture, it will tell the engine control unit to add less fuel during the next combustion and vice versa. It likely wont be ideal wunning conditions but shouldnt hurt anything. The performance car guys purchase a dummy sensor that always he unplugged his for a couple of test runs and SWEARS it is better, feels like it revs out better. Obviously, replacing the sensor was not the proper fix. If you don’t have a sensor at all, get one and put it in. Additionally, this sensor keeps your emissions in  The oxygen (O2) sensor is part of the fuel management system. With VVT plugged in it runs about the same. The o2 sensor is the sensor located just after the exhaust manifold where all of the exhaust gasses have been collected into a single exhaust pipe. O2 sensor codes are often the most troublesome and misdiagnosed check engine light problems. Nov 13, 2010 · The car will still run as O2 sensors only give feedback to the PCM to allow for small corrections to the amount of fuel to deliver at any given time. This isn’t to say that a bad 02 sensor won’t have any negative effects on your car’s performance because it will keep affecting your car internally. I don't think it will. The car runs significantly more smoothly now no doubt due to the lower  The oxygen sensor is part of the emissions system in your vehicle. guy at the Auto parts counter used to own a 92 Camaro Z28. My car is runnign rich very badly. o2 sensors fluctuate from . Also, in preparation of the possible 5. Which one Should I Fix First? The P0420 code can be triggered by a faulty O2 sensor. There could be a leak in the exhaust system, misfire, the faulty fuel injector (too much fuel), faulty fuel pressure regulator (increased pressure), or even a fault in the downstream oxygen sensor circuit. Sep 06, 2019 · The oxygen sensor is an important part of a car engine. So you can run an open loop control without the O2 system, with just a preset fuel air map like my 2005 Suzuki does. I let my car warm up and forgot to plug the o2 sensor in. The O2 sensor connects to the ECM. It is located within the emissions control system. the gas gauge drops to empty or 0 on the display, and shifting is affected as well. Unplug the MAF sensor and see how it behaves, that will eliminate the MAF sensor, MAF scaling or vacuum leaks as the culprit. when you unplug it its going to revert to stored info, so it runs the engine rich but with low fuel pressure it can only spray that much fuel for a short time till it runs outta pressure It may have run perfectly well, it's just that the internal circuit that controlled the O2 heater current or the current-sensing element for that heater circuit was probably intermittent. Installed it, car barely starts, then it barely runs. With the new O2 sensor it was running much better (solved the extreme surging) but with some slight hesitation and almost a miss. Aug 21, 2017 · I have read a number of posts related to failing WBO2 sensors. but I'm also driving a good I'm sure it was just running like crap in closed loop and then wake up in open loop. If the battery wasn't working properly, the alternator light came on. I used DataScan which confirmed the driver side sensor to have gone bad, the output being stationary whilst the other side sweeps correctly. I think they're geared this way so that if the O2 is damaged/removed/unplugged/etc the effect tricks it into running rich, instead of tricking it into running lean. When unplugged and in Closed Loop, engine runs as it should, meaning smooth idle and expected throttle response. Today i went to install an aftermarket header into my fox the thing was that the shop had run out of o2 bungs so right now i dont have my o2 sensor connected, but what i was told at the shop was that since my car did not have a cat that the o2 sensor was pointless and was not needed at all, is If you unplug the MAF sensor your car still runs. Those numbers came in last week before I changed out the o2 sensors. sensor socket to remove the old sensor. Things tried so far: remove O2 sensor swap in original coolant sensors swap in original distributor The 87T and 88T stock tunes included in the base ROM pack do not seem to get correct O2 readings and start and idle much better with it unplugged, 84 and 85T tunes run far better with it plugged in. 25 Oct 2019 The lambda sensor, also called an oxygen sensor, is a small probe If you own a newer car, it will be equipped with 2 lambda sensors. 6 pretty constantly. Also, if you have the old MAF, look where the connector is, there should be two screws holding that connector in place. This worries me a lot. The O2 sensor isn't more than two years old with no more than 3000 miles on it. See all 2 photos The modern automobile is getting pretty clever when it comes to stopping. Gotta be an O2 issue. The oxygen (O2) sensors are positioned in the exhaust stream, usually with one closer to the exhaust manifold and one further down the exhaust pipe. If this is an indication that I will need to install a new WBO2 sensor each time I use the car ($120 plus shipping & tax!- Do I carry a box of O2 sensors with me?), this system will very quickly become a big liability. If you try to plug it in while it's running the car will die. I just unplug the connector under the seat. There are various designs of MAF sensors, but the most common by far is the hot wire MAF sensor. Chemistry/Getty Images Car theft is a larger threat in some cities than it is in others, but it’s a crime that occurs just about everywhere. I know from the knowledge i have working on cars and some bikes  26 Feb 2019 Check if the condition does not occur with the upstream oxygen sensor disconnected, which may confirm that the oxygen sensor is the issue. Issues. I know factory downstream O2 sensors are always before the cat. Feb 26, 2013 · A new "fancy" air intake may look better, but your car will run best if everything is factory specification and working as designed. Your engine needs oxygen, but too much or too little can cause problems. Im halfway through a second tank of gas since the NTK O2 sensor was installed and car is still running like doodoo. t/c After unplugging the O2 sensor and monitoring for a week with no issue I had it   When I run the car with the o2 sensor unplugged, the throttle is much more responsive and smooth. The oxygen sensor works by sending information to your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) to help your car run efficiently and reduce emissions. The oxygen sensor, developed in the early 1980s, is an essential part of the car's emissions control system, says John Nielsen, director of engineering and repair for the American Automobile Sep 16, 2020 · The majority of emission test failures stem from a bad oxygen sensor. I don’t get a check engine light and my engine does not run better and does not run worse than when it’s plugged in. hovewer it should pull (accelerate) better. Should I leave the O2 sensors plugged in or unplug them. You will need a higher end scan tool to view O2 sensor data and fuel trim data so its not necessarily DIY friendly but maybe something for the shop to check if they have not checked already. What could be causing this ? 20 Sep 2014 Any downside other than fuel economy, to running the car with no 02 feedback? matter what I did the 02 would fight me and keep trying to lean out until I unplugged it. Even after replacing the maf the o2 sensors were causing the car to still run like crap. Feels sluggish. This is because the computer in the car if it does not receive a reading from the mass airflow sensor, will estimate and supply a number that it thinks it is supposed to have. UPDATE: reset TPS best I could and well as ignition timing a couple degrees. It was richer @ idle but maybe to rich as it stalled when cold & at other times as well. So, With information from the (O2) Oxygen Sensor and other sources the (ECU) can decide whether the air/fuel ratio of your engine is rich or lean. Is it safe without the downstream O2 sensor? I got a used one, I will find a garage to replace O2 sensor on Monday. Of course, this test will also set some codes, but if the engine starts easier and/or runs better, you’ll know for sure something is wrong with the MAF sensor. When functioning, the O2 sensor sends data to the management computer located within the engine. If that happens you may have a harness problem. An oxygen sensor code, for example, will prevent the catalyst monitor from running. It should be running better. Not to give into "blue car syndrome" but p0125 is almost always A/F sensor. These days, when you start your car, the dashboard The oxygen sensor(s) in a vehicle, simply put, are clever devices that monitor the amount of pollution the vehicle dispels from the exhaust system. Oct 17, 2020 · Well, the answer to that is no. If you have a 49 state model, you would need to drill and tap into your exhaust pipes, add extra wiring or the California wiring harness, and get a California ECU as well as an O2 sensor. In your car, a functioning O2 sensor ensures that your engine is running at top performance. and probly the air injection system, if its not working, then the engine will be running rich according to the O2 sensor, and it will lean itself out, killing power. You’ll notice if the tailpipes eject black smoke or when the engine runs rough or backfires. 0 runs rough if maf sensor is connected, but better when unpluged. Sounds a bit vage, but maybe this is sensor-specific? I want to install an O2-sensor in my Propane powered Dart, just to see where I'm currently at with AFR's and such. Without the A/F sensor the ECM has no way to monitor the mixture. Certainly cheaper and easier than throwing money at random parts. It seems to idle a little better. Related:  8 Feb 2014 Once its started it runs fine. I only ran the car for about a mile with both unplugged to verify it was running better. One of the problems with the throttle position sensor is that it controls and signals the cars CPU when running or idling. If it gets worse with the sensor unplugged, then it could very likely be a vacuum leak somewhere upstream of the AFM that is leaning out the mixture without the DME knowing about it. Unplug the Bank 1, 3 sensor. Mar 31, 2012 · UPDATE: P0136 (Oxygen O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank1, Sensor2)) and P1131 (Lack of HO2S-11 Switch, Sensor Indicates Lean) are pending, but just replaced upstream O2 sensor and little improvement. There's still a lot to be said for operating in "value-added" mode, no matter Scientists are one step closer to making smart sensors that can embed in our clothing, cars, and buildings. Find sensor - it's located in Bank 1 of the engine, on the passenger side, between the engine and firewall. Zoning laws and customer loyalty to favorite brands make it much more efficient for dealers to do business as neighbors. Have seen bank 2 drop to -33. The results of this particular test, with injector No. A proper scanner would let you see all sensor readings, inputs and outputs which will give a better clue as to what's going on though. the PCM has to constantly readjust the fuel mixture while the engine is running. Sep 17, 2019 · An oxygen or lambda sensor measures the air to fuel ratio entering your car’s engine and helps you determine if your car is starting and running smoothly. If the efficiency of the catalyst drops below a certain value, the O2 sensor  29 Jan 2011 If your vehicle's O2 sensor is faulty, chances are there will be signs! You can drill a hole in the cat as well to see if it runs better, then plug the hole. (You can also do this with a test light. This way the sensor can get an accurate reading from all cylinders of the motor. They provide a small ignition source to your car's  4 Jan 2008 The car started misfiring cyl 1,2,3 and i got Malfunction O2 Sensor 1 Bank 1 I took it to a good friend at BMW and asked him to diagnose the me he had to reprogram the ECU and unplug the O2 Sensors so the car could run ok. Finally, I took a ride with wideband O2 exhaust probe and sure enough, it is running rich. It's reading that the car is running lean and then pumping in lots of fuel to compensate. I have now unplugged it and my car seems running much better. The vehicle had repeatedly returned with a code of P0031—O2 sensor B1S1 low current flow heater circuit failure (open circuit). The car should be able to run, but with no O2 there is no way for the car to know what A/F ratio it is running so it cannot correct it through fuel trims like you said. Mar 14, 2019 · Hi, The car is a 2000 Passat 2. A bad sensor can prevent some OBD II monitors from running. Reviews LAST UPDATED: September 17, 2019 Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is The PCV valve is the key component in the positive crankcase ventilation system. Signs of a Faulty or Failing Oxygen Sensor. It's pretty easy - unscrew it. Usually a vehicle default is to run rich. Faulty O2 Sensor. i get it home. Sensors typically last from 30,000 miles to more than 100,000 miles. YOU WILL BURN THE BOARD. If you disconnect the rear sensor you'll just throw a couple of codes. Jan 21, 2014 · I unplugged the O2 sensors no change , but when I unplugged the mass air sensor there was a slight change , also when I looked at the dash I was expecting a check engine light to come on during this time but nothing , I attached my code reader and there was no display on it, So to make sure it wasn't my reader I attached it to my car , worked I don't know why but unplugging the eccentric shaft sensor makes the car run alot better almost like normal, no codes for the sensor unless it's unplugged, im starting to think the valvetronics or vanos unit is damaged because if you do unplug that sensor it goes to the normal throttle body operation so that must be the case here, new fuel The car throws different codes between all of this. It needs to have an easy installation and removal process. a rich running engine will cause the cats to plug. Recently the emissions light on the dash came on and it's been running rough. also if you just disconnect the o2s from the harness, leaving them in your exhaust will ruin them since the o2's heater won't burn excess fuel off of them and they will get clogged. I suspected immobilizer and performed the lock and unlock with the key remote 5 times with no effect. when it was plugged in the car ran soo rich that it actually would kill the motor. Mar 05, 2013 · When my car was running like crap i replaced the maf (used one) and bought two new bosch o2 sensors. Check Engine Light comes on Jan 21, 2014 · I unplugged the O2 sensors no change , but when I unplugged the mass air sensor there was a slight change , also when I looked at the dash I was expecting a check engine light to come on during this time but nothing , I attached my code reader and there was no display on it, So to make sure it wasn't my reader I attached it to my car , worked You can't bypass the oxygen sensor with a resistor. He recommended a new coolant temp sensor for the problem. Ever wonder why car dealerships are frequently located right next to each other? There's no mystery. They have no effect  16 Apr 2019 An oxygen sensor, or an O2 sensor, helps your car maintain exhaust optimum air-fuel ratio to keep the engine running at a good efficiency  What kind of damage will happen to a Wrangler if its running with the O2 sensors disconnected? Specifically engine and exhaust damage. Also I guess my question is, should I replace o2 sensor cuz the huge all the sensors unless absolutely necessary. Have you done any recent work on the car that might have disturbed the intake system or bumped a vacuum line loose? Is your MAF original? You can unplug the MAF, clear the codes and drive the car for a while. Anything on the engine changed from stock. The main symptom is when you plug in the coolant temp sensor the motor immediatly drops to about 200-300 rpm and will die. This device is part of a car's emissions control system: it's roughly the size of a spark plug, and tests the oxygen levels in a car's exhaust stream. But I am afraid to go WOT here is a tip to remove oxygen sensor, at least it worked for me, i was trying to remove the oxygen sensor after the cat, and make a stupid mistake, i was trying to remove the sensor while the pipe was cold, pb blaster, liquid wrench, i even try impact wrench, and also 1/2" breaker bar with 3 ft extension, never work, ended round the sensor a little bit. An oxygen sensor only indicates whether the engine is running rich or lean of stoichiometric (lambda = 1), while the AFR sensor actually measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. So, be aware of the fact that a vehicle might be running lean; because the . Have a scanner with live data. I've got an O2 sensor that is right on the borderline when you ohm it out with a meter. it drives but man is this thing a pile of shit. The fact that it goes crazy points me toward some other sensor being out of whack Any chance you changed the grounding or added a device with significant grounding requirements. An OBD I car has no O2 sensors behind  23 Aug 2003 With the O2 sensor unplugged at cruise it will use more juice, but make The car feels smoother purely becuase its not running closed loop and so Could be a bit like operating a choke, like in the good old days, you could  Another said bad O2 sensor would only waste gas by making the car >run on richer all I could do to keep it running, albeit quite slowly (no more than 20-25 Keep in mind that a disconnected O2 sensor is VERY different than a faulty O2 Bosch has a good home page that describes how the sensor works but basically 2 Mar 2020 If your vehicle has a bad oxygen sensor, it could run irregularly or sound vehicle or low-quality gasoline can make your oxygen sensors fail faster. I returned the O2 sensor that had the high resistance reading than spec and got a new one, replaced them. To my understanding the O2 sensors needed to be hooked up are the one above the dipstick, and an O2 sensor behind the driver side tail light (which gets information from the post cat O2 sensor). Your engine would be the unhappiest person when the oxygen sensor fails. The pipe will be hot but the sensor will still be relatively cool. My car has an automatic transmission. An oxygen sensor does not have to fail completely to give you problems. Remove the old O2 sensor 5. Unplug the VVT and it runs MUCH better. Trouble Code P0038 P0131 P0134 P0135 P0141 PO171-P0175 P0420 P1135 Disclaimer: Under no circumstances will proclaimliberty2000 be responsible or liable in an Which wire has a voltage drop? Is this while cranking? There are three wires which go to the sensor. It is too tight for me to unscrew it from exhaust pipe . Ever since then the car has been running real poorly. 0 (but not rev). the oxygen sensor after CAT failed. 6 V6 with front wheel drive and a manual transmission. If the vacuum leak is bad enough, the O2 sensor will not be able to compensate for it, and it will run lean. In any case as soon as you unplug a sensor the O2 Sensor Bank 1. Dec 03, 2013 · Yes the scanner is accurate, all the sensor numbers are within spec. WOT The AFR can make a big difference in power output at WOT just like spark timing. Although the function of the oxygen sensor goes far beyond this simplistic definition, its main purpose is to monitor and communicate its information to Looking for a O2 sensor? Our team of experts narrowed down the best O2 sensors on the market. Also my engine is running oddly and idling loud like a muscle car randomly about once a day it will do these things. Other engine problems, such as fuel trim running too rich or too lean, oil or coolant burning, or engine misfire problems could all lead to catalytic converter Usually you can unplug the sensor and have the vehicle runs better and watch the bank 1 short term fuel trims settle down a bit. Once disabled, you can completely unplug it and only run the primary. Furthermore, a bad oxygen sensor could expose you to carbon monoxide. Obviously the engine should run good with the sensor connected. Shut it off. Remember, an May 12, 2006 · for an O2 sensor to have any effect on your bike. I have a Conforti chip so I figure the chip is basically giving the car more fuel at all RPMs which is why it runs richer without the O2 sensor plugged in. As I said before, you don't need an O2 sensor if the tune in the closed loop section is good (ie. Hi Guys, 2 different shops did reads on my check engine light codes, I even paid $100 for one of them to do a full test of all sensors to identify which one was bad. A technician can determine if the sensor is responding as it should. I attached a pic of pin locations so you can tell me which one is the issue. 9 O2 sensor and weld in bung so you can monitor your engine’s air fuel ratio. Dec 03, 2018 · Sure. Also, an unpleasant smell similar to rotten eggs might appear in your car. When you disconnect the sensor the computer sees the open circuit and to allow continue driving the computer substitutes another value that is usually a fixed value halfway between rich and lean and it stays there. I'm not sure why they didn't catch that the first time, maybe it was running marginally good enough to pass the diagnostic. Any downside other than fuel economy, to running the car with no 02 feedback? Its an obd2 BMW 328. People think that an A/F sensor cannot drive a car to run that bad (expecting a "closed loop" response from the ECU), but they are most definitely wrong. The O2 sensors are located on the exhaust pipe to sense the air-fuel mixture from the previous combustion. I tried using a HHR o2 but it had a different connector so I used the solstice o2 to match the solstice harness. 27 Aug 2003 A car running better with the O2 sensor disconnected is usually a sign of a bad 02 sensor. Both mine and his were the front Oxygen sensor. Mar 14, 2017 · Now it runs but not smoothly and better with the right bank vct sensor unplugged. After a few minutes i plug the MAP sensor back in, and the car goes even more crazy, it rev's to 3000 rpm, and then drops to 900 rpmthen stalls. Turbo cars run just fine without the O2 sensor, as the turbo fuel mappings are rich by default. or will i run rich like this post is asking. I replaced B1 S1 O2 sensor with Bosch 13399 sensor and now my car is reading P0152, P0141, P0152(yes they came up twice), P0141, P0139. You can drive the car with a bad o2 sensor and it’ll run fine but throw a trouble code and trip the Check Engine light. it was obvious to the driver. The car will run in 'open loop' mode, but it will run, If your symptons and bucking go away, I think you've identified the culprit. 5V indicates a 14. May 16, 2016 · P2197 code definition. If you notice any of the following signs, you may have a bad O2 sensor or one that is about to go bad: UPDATE: Put it in the shop again, the O2 sensor was bad (again) but the mechanic was able to get that replaced under warranty. FWIW, I tripped a P0300/P0139 on my way back from lunch. I had a bad o2 on my VX, driving with it unplugged it ran fine, a little less mileage, but at least it stopped bogging. 5. Technically, this is called an "Air Fuel Ratio Sensor", which is slightly different from an O2 Sensor. But it seems a little better, ie it doesn't stall. Be design it won't hurt anything, but you could run so rich that you wash down the cylinder walls and score the heck out of them which means its rebuild time. An OBDII code checker identifies defects in the exhaust system of the car. i had the same problem with my buddy 91. Or there is something wrong with the closed loop circuit in the ECU. Could be the IACV too. . If it has any effect on your rig it would probably be just gets worse gas mileage. Without a proper throttle position sensor; there would no proper air or fuel burn that makes the car act like a bucking bronco! 3. Pop that out and unplug it. If your car was low on oil, the oil light came on. This chain of critical car parts is important to understand, because other pieces Oct 22, 2020 · Unplug one O2 sensor and check the DTC code. Always to turn the ignition switch off before connecting or disconnecting any sensor to avoid the possibility of sending a voltage spike to the PCM. My 2nd O2 sensor is fluctuating between . The reason it runs better unplugged is because the computer throws into a richer mixture. 5 volts on fuel pump but no pressure reading, also shows injector Jul 14, 2007 · Disconnected the o2 because thought it might be running lean, but makes no difference. The front o2 sensors must be installed and you should not use MIL's in place of the fronts. Aug 29, 2016 · so my mini starts stalling at red lights. Hint, its a 4 wire connector. I don't really have the money right now to buy another one so am wondering what would happen in the long run if I left it unplugged. It will use the open loop fuel map which would get its data from the Manifold Absolute Pressure or Mass Air Flow sensors since these are telling the car how much air is going into the engine. Time to break out the DVM (again). 1 unplugged the LTFT change is approximately +14%, injector 2 +10%, injector 3 +17% and injector 4 +16%. Jun 08, 2004 · I went down to Petroject down in bayswater, picked up a universal 3 wire O2 sensor for $99 brand new. 17 Oct 2020 The mass airflow sensor is a key sensor in your car. Anything below that means the car's running too lean (exhaust gas isn't hot enough) and anything above that means running too rich (exhaust gas is too hot). Oct 24, 2020 · Unplug the O2 sensor and see if it runs any better. The O2 sensor voltage should switch between . Jun 25, 2012 · Of course, you could always just unplug the sensor and see how it drives. Check also your O2 sensor in the exhaust. The purpose of a throttle position sensor is to keep your car running like it’s supposed to by controlling the throttle. The higher the number of O2 cross counts, the better the sensor and other parts of the computer control system are working. Jun 20, 2013 · When I unplug the MAF on my car, the stalling of my car stops and the engine runs much better other than an occasional oscillating idle without the MAF connected. Read this review and save yourself time and money. The shop that called me also replaced the O 2 sensor. It fake the ecu and think it is good AFR (as ur table) . My recommendation is to troubleshoot the O2 sensor first as it may fix the P0420 code. Tried and tried but it won't come off the female connector. Aug 18, 2016 · The engine and E67 ECM are both 07 HHR, the harness and O2 sensor are from an 06 pontiac solstice. Make sure you clean your plugs. It stalls and I can smell unburnt fuel in the exhaust. I read that it was until op temp. It might lead some problems after warm up. We have been running the same sensor for 2 years with no issues. Disconnecting or completely removing O2 senors If you disconnect the front sensor, you'll run as rich as the fuel tables will allow. It's because they know that you can only get 1 hand in there. Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor. Jan 17, 2019 · Answer: Code P0420 points to the downstream oxygen sensor. completely unplug the MAF sensor from the engine compartment and let the O2  16 May 2018 With the IAT unplugged, the engine is probably running on a default strategy, and not on the sensors. Car bucks and jerks while accelerating. If I unplug MAP, it will initially run very rich but then settle down on lambda 1. 7:1 stoichiometric AFR. When it's warm, it says Okay,lean me out. Measurement of the oxygen level in the exhaust provides a good gauge of the fuel to oxygen ratio. Hi Y'all. Unplug O2 sensor and leave it un plugged and run the car and let it warm up and see how it runs. Aug 04, 2017 · Oxygen sensors are responsible for determining how much oxygen in the exhaust is present because the car’s computer then takes the information from the sensor and monitors the perfect combination of oxygen to fuel that your car needs in order to run perfectly. A defective PCV valve can cause a number of problems for an automobile engine. So any O2 sensor problems have to be dealt with before you can use the OBD II system to diagnose the The front O2 sensor is also called the A/F, Air/Fuel sensor. May 08, 2011 · Unplug the o2 sensor and see how it behaves (having a wideband would help), that will eliminate a bad o2 as the culprit. Jun 08, 2004 · 3 Wire oxygen sensor (stock code=23011), price was $99 inc GST. 1. Easy test ( and this WILL set a code P0132 IIRC ) when it's acting up, stop the car, open the hood and unplug the front Oxygen sensor. ~14. Oxygen (O2) Sensor. Driving for an extended period with the knock sensor unplugged could cause pinging and or damage. 15 Feb 2017 3 Signs Of A Failing Oxygen Sensor. The codes can be read by plugging a scan tool into the vehicle's diagnostic connector . When WBO2 sensor is plugged in AFR shows 34-35 on handheld, but is actually flooding. You will now see which is bank 1, and which is bank 2. A faulty MAF sensor can cause your vehicle to run too rich or run too lean. promote better fuel economy When the sensor is not working, the computer does the best it can to keep the car running without it. Don't know about the 1 min open loop. gonnna have to buy an i had mine unplugged for a week before i soldered up an extension. The coolant sensor acts as a choke (in a sense). Picture a little module in the car that reads how far down you have pressed the gas pedal. be safe though and keep fuel pressure above 38psi. 92 at idle, slightly better at half load. My car has been running a bit rough so I was suggested that I unplugged the lamba sensor. Try putting releasing oil around it to soak in overnight and try to remove it before you run the engine again. Any 'performance' that you think you might obtain with it unplugged is really probably in your head, or when the car is not using the sensor values (like warm-up, etc. I tried running the car with the O2 sensor unplugged which puts the system in open loop and it runs fine and smooth. If it runs better with the sensor unplugged, before the code gets set, you may have found the problem area. If you do your car's performance and gas mileage will suffer. Runs strong (no hesitation) with o2 sensor unplugged. the reason it runs worse when it warms up is because before the engine warms up fully the Ecu doesnt use all of the sensor data only a few like Maf and Replaced O2 Sensor and still get Check Engine Light On. The data should be erased as you unplugged the wires overnight. In those days, the "limp mode" would make the car barely run. However, when i disconnected both front o2 sensors or the EGR valve it  16 Nov 2011 id be overjoyed that i found the issue and now my car is now running better. At idle my afr is 12. Far from Fred Flintstone digging his heels into the ground be Car alarms can seem like pretty complex devices, but they actually aren't that hard to understand if you take a look at the individual components. Note that all resistance tests must be done with power off. When the O2 sensor detects this imbalance, it sends signals to the ECM to adjust the air/fuel mix. So, I unplugged the MAF to I have replaced the O2 sensor, used CRC to clean the MAFS, and still no difference in the way it runs. We had a regular customer stop by the house with a check engine light on. These sensors measure the oxygen level in your car’s exhaust and compare it to the amount of oxygen in the air around your car. The ECM is located inside the car behind the passengers right kick panel below the dash (me thinks). You might get a check engine light. Start the truck runs smooth for 30 seconds at about 800 rmps. You need to drive it a lil bit to see the effect. Got the O2 sensor to come out with an offset socket & lots of pb blaster, but I cannot get the plastic wiring connector unhooked. If you are having starting and idle problems on a turbo car, unplugging the O2 should not make it worse. Reset it by disconnecting the battery for 15 mins or longer. It monitors the oxygen content of the exhaust in proportion to the other gases and sends this information back to the engine computer for emissions control and fuel-metering decisions. Advanced automotive technology is capable of producing the most efficient oxygen sensors. I wouldn't suggest driving it like that without a way to monitor afr's. This is the reference voltage of the Nernst cell, this varies when plugged in and running however it is always trying to be pulled to 0. Now that I have replaced the O2 sensor, I understood why 1 end of the connector is secured to the rear of the engine. 99 like normal (I assume). Engine is ATQ I have a number of issues to ask about, but the one for now is DTC's for the B1-S2, and B2-S2 O2 sensors. If I unplug the MAF sensor, the idle goes back to 1000 RPM with no sputtering, but, of course it won't go over 2300 RPM. the question is that there is no difference in running, accelerating when I unplug the camshaft position sensor (dont mix it with the crank sensor under the car. took a little while to figure it out but the maf was bad and caused the plugs to foul. I had the following codes show up: P1506 - Idle Air Control Valve P1131 - O2 Sensor P1151 - O2 Sensor P0171 If you unplug the wire harness for the O2 the check engine light should not come on. Since you do not live in California, there is no need for any May 11, 2009 · Car has new loom, new coils, new coil extenders/connectors, new water temp sensor, new air temp sensor, new Bosch Maf. 10 Nov 2005 Just replaced O2 Sensor and now car wont stay running When I unplugged the wires from the MAFS, it ran ten times better than before,  27 Oct 2009 Yep, if the ECM doesn't have the O2 sensors plugged in it will throw my 103 runs great with the O2 sensors disconnectedmatter of fact it Have done it on a car and it was ugly, goes to reason a bike won't be much better. Bad o2 sensor heater circuit; Bad o2 sensor; Wiring harness problems ; Possible Solutions. 9v) and low (0. Also the car starts fine and idles normal for the first few minutes until the engine warms up. I am pretty sure from the cel and other peoples experience w it that the problem is my postcat o2 sensor, but how do i make sure. If you put off replacing your sensor for too long, you might end up paying thousands of dollars to have your car running properly again. Apr 17, 2019 · The car when it reaches running temp and you start making boost suddenly feels like a switch is flipped, turbo screams to make boost but nothing, no power amd misfires, can only accelerate without boost. Don't use the o2. I've checked and re-checked all my wiring and know that it's good, but I'm getting no reading for the o2 sensor mV in the VCM scanner. Lasts longer. 7). I did it when the car was really acting up, pulled over, shut it off, then unplugged the sensor. 27 Jun 2013 The O2 sensor senses the fuel to air mixture in the exhaust . On the Motronic cars, the O2 sensor is a vital sensor for proper operation of the car. Fresh O2 sensors will not fix this. It was put there to measure the amount of unburned oxygen exiting the engine. If you disconnect the mass airflow sensor, then the car should keep running and still be able to start normally. Usually you can unplug the sensor and have the vehicle runs better and watch the bank 1 short term fuel trims settle down a bit. Nov 27, 2008 · Look when an O2 sensor go bad or disconnected the car ECM will senses that there is no signal a low or no signal will make the ECM think that the car is running lean and therefore automatically adjust the air fuel mixture to rich en the system. 1 - . Immediately loosen the sensor. the o2 sensor has to be above 600 º f. WTF!!!put old sensor back in, fires right up, runs better, but still running rough and same issue(s) as before Most likely a bad MAF or intake vacuum leak. I also vote to leave it plugged in and replace sensors after you get home at your convenience. I know this from my previous 2 door m42. "safe" mode where it runs pretty rich when the sensors are disconnected? just put on some dcrh Primary o2 sensor does not reach. This car uses a fuel cell with an aftermarket The ECU stores the data while you drive. Without O2 sensor feedback, it will be a matter of reading the plugs and "feeling" the car. Take it somewhere with a good scan tool to watch the two pre cat O2 sensors fluctuate usualy if they go bad one will fluctuate at a much slower rate. These codes are for B1 S2 and B2 S1. This is a sure sign of a shorted mass You can remove the O2 sensor from the vehicle with a wrench, but you must have a plug to thread into the O2 sensor bung, to keep exhaust gasses from escaping the manifold or pipe. to keep the car running correctly, then what will happen if you unplug the sensor? stay running and surprisingly the car might run better without the mass airflow sensor. O2 Sensor Background . I cleared the code, restarted car, got code 11 again. Car has no symptoms of bad plugs,02 sensor, or catalytic conv. Most cars will put on a warning light of some type, usually the one that just means “go to your dealer” when this sensor packs up. When an O2 sensor goes bad, the ECM can’t properly adjust for incorrect air/fuel ratios. It could have been as simple as a bad solder joint, but also could have been more. You'll see it - trust me. '95 mustang 5. Get yourself a BTR or SFR tune that will disable the secondary o2 sensor. Jun 01, 2014 · Unplug O2 sensors? Discussion in 'Tech Is that a better answer for you? or are you still wondering how such a stupid person could give a "hell" of an answer like I unplugged the O2 sensor. A dirty oxygen sensor can cause your “check engine” light to come on, and can also result in your car burning through extra gasoline. You will get a “check engine” light, but the system reverts to the “Speed Density” tune and runs fine. Anyway, if I simply unplug the O2 sensor (and reset the ecu) it will then boost flawlessly. I'm planning on running a PC III with a custom map & no sensor once I find a good tuner Jan 30, 2019 · A lazy oxygen sensor might falsely indicate a catalytic converter problem, yet not set a DTC for itself. 10 Jan 2005 Changing the cats will not cure a rich running engine. Jun 19, 2018 · I unplugged the sensor and plugged it back in 986 Forum - for Porsche Boxster & Cayman Owners o2 sensor question - code p0139 - 986 Forum - for Porsche Boxster & Cayman Owners So basically you just cant find the wiring for the O2 sensors? Are they both unplugged? Just check the sensors themselves, one is right before the cat and the other is right after the cat. When you have a bad oxygen sensor, your vehicle will run less efficiently. An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens What’s next for hardware, software, and services Our annual gu Bridgestone's Smart Strain sensor wants to help autonomous understand tire wear and how to account for it when stopping or turning in an emergency. The sensor is pointed towards the ground, with wires pointed in the air. Though you can remedy these problems by unplugging the valve, your better option will involve replacing it. Oxygen Sensors. then i google, and searched how to Sep 10, 2004 · In my opinion you can run without the use of the knock sensor but you will have to be very conservative with the throttle or run race gas on the street. If the car starts running better and no more fuel trim errors, then the MAF is the culprit. Thanks, mo The car would idle like it had a huge vacuum leak half the time and it would buck and pop up to 3000 rpm, and then after it hit 3k rpm all the sudden run fine! I've tried just about everything (and I mean everything!, even put in new engine harness) until last night i unplugged the O2 sensor harness, and wham idles smooth as silk and doesn't The oxygen sensor is hard to remove as it is in a place that gets extremely hot and has some corrosion. NA cars should have a working O2 sensor, as the NA mappings are considerably leaner. Aug 31, 2014 · I unplugged mine because when connected the car runs badly especially during the warm up, behaves like its misfiring, but couldn't isolate to a single cylinder. same reason you dont run the motor below 185F on the freeway, or the ecu will go into cold start fueling mode and run rich. The O2 sensor should never stay still but should always be swinging high (0. My issues I am having to include rear 02 sensor issues, is weird boosting, shifting, very weak performance and BAM strong, very poor gas milage and smelly gas. There is a rather larger wiring harness that passes through the firewall on the passengers side to connecto to all the various sensors and servos - including the O2 sensor. On top of that, you will spend more money, as unplugging the lambda sensor will  I have read that in some cars which use a wideband O2 sensor. Surges when the car is idling Mar 28, 2019 · A faulty oxygen sensor has a negative effect on the injection timing and combustion levels and can interfere with other engine functions as well. Totally black. 4 use a narrow bandyuck) and this O2 sensor is responsible to allowing the ECM to set the proper Air Fuel mixture based on how the car is actually running. i bought an aftermarket hiflow cat and well it does not have a plug for the 2nd o2 sensor. Bank 2 sensor 1 has a voltage of 1v even with the sensor unplugged. BUT the catalytic converter was also bad. As for an Intake Air Temperature Sensor, different temperature air ignites better or worse. If your car, NA or turbo, won't stay running without the O2 sensor plugged in, the O2 sensor is not the problem. 10 Feb 2019 But if your engine starts and runs, and can stay running, it's drivable. The fact that disconnecting it made no difference implies to me that it already was bad, and you've been running it that way for a while. Check engine light came on while starting car in am. Driving with a bad O2 sensor is like avoiding going to the dentist. I whipped out my Innova 3100i that I keep at home and pulled a code P0131. It didn't have the harness on it, but it was a piece of piss to join the wires together, i just chopped the harness off the stock one, twisted it together with the wires off the new o2 sensor and dropped a nice big blob of solder over the wires, taped it up and reconnected. Jul 21, 2004 · I unplugged my o2 sensor and I could accelerate a little, then it felt like it had zero power, because it was running super rich. It was a bad O2 sensor. Approximately lambda 0. (also known as choke on older cars). The analog gauges were basic but easy to understand. was simply unplug old one and in goes the new! Coolant temp sensor (think its a boosh one, non nissan)(stock code = 0280130026) Jun 05, 2011 · Well iv unplugged it totaly now and engine lights on car is running like a bag of **** the worst it's ever ran and it's never run **** hot really got no power really above 4000rpm logged it and got 189g/s and the only fault I have are lambda sensor b1 s2 it ran better with my standered downpipe on Try new maf new n75 valve still doing the same My 1978 280z 5 speed coupe is running very rough and i believed it was a free flowing fuel injector but now its looking like a bad fuel oxygen sensor but there are none on Z's. ). I may just replace all 4 sensors at once to ensure I kill this sensor confusion. When the  22 Sep 2010 2001 1500 5. Warning If you remove or disable your O2 sensor, you will not pass state vehicle emissions testing, as this modification is routinely used by those using their vehicles for off-road or track racing purposes. at the same time, do not try to force a heated o2 sensor into operation. Otherwise I think re-setting the ECM is a good  2 Oct 2008 My car (91 Turbo) has always hesitated when transitioning to boost. With the passage of time, the sensor will start to get worn and may eventually have to be replaced. :devil: Krazy Kajun 95 camaro 383 LTI A4 ,58mm Edelbrock TB,3. I Have the DTC Code P0420 Also. Every car built since the early 1980’s has an O2 sensor integrated into the exhaust system. If i understand correctly when you unplug the maf sensor it runs better , this means you have a bad sensor prob. next day start it up take it for quick ride around the block. long periods of idle time can render a non-heated or older o2 sensor too cold for it to function at all. So P0132 is justified, it is running rich. Having a scanner and one good Q beside one bad one is an ideal situation! As far as how the car would behave with unplugged sensors, I don't know. I pulled over and cleared the codes then I unplugged both of my grey O2s (rears) and started the car. I have a new MAF coming in because that might be one of my 100 issues with the car right now. Jun 27, 2011 · When the maf is unplugged the ecu ignores the maf, o2 sensors and probably some other data streams. best idea is to get plugs for the o2 holes, and put your o2s in a box or something to keep them in good condition. You will probably get advice on that the o2 sensor codes are just acting because the maf is bad or unplugged, but most likely the o2 sensors need to be Aug 29, 2018 · O2 sensor. still dying. band sensor is used, wouldn't the pcm get a wrong input and start running rich AFR? error code (i had it once before when i disconnected the O2S2 before forgot the exact Narrow band is good enough to get the fueling done by the ECU  13 May 2013 First post herehad been running drilled stock pipes but just added V&H I put the pipes on and took it for a spin with the o2 sensor unplugged since Yes, it chugged a lot just off idle in 1st and 2nd, much better now after unplugging it. The cat I’m looking at is 400-cell, correct inlet/outlet/length, and I’d simply extend the O2 sensor harness and wrap it in heat shielding wrap. I now wonder if I had the starting issue and unplugged the MAF would the car have started and ran fine. I was told that the issue would be caused by a sensor in the air and fuel system. There is no O2 sensor connection behind the tail light either. Now, i did notice this. I doubt it to be a free flowing injector usually when injectors go bad they starv 4 Dec 23, 2011 · We recommend placing the sensor around 1 m (40") from the closest exhaust valve. As I know the O2 sensor has an output of 0-1V in which 0. It may not run perfectly as a car with a lot of miles needs some fuel trim correction. I have the car checked diagnostically and they said the 02 needed changing and new p;lugs / wires. It seemed no matter what I did the 02 would fight me and keep trying to lean out until I unplugged it. If it runs ok and the codes do not return you have a bad MAF. AOD harness/A9P 5 speed harness/A9L/A3M DO NOT INSTALL ANY OLD O2 HARNESS ON A CAR WITH A A9L OR A3M COMPUTER. Maybe the O2 sensor is worn out? 11 Jan 2016 The oxygen sensor in your vehicle measures oxygen levels in the high a mileage vehicle, there's a good chance it has a bad oxygen sensor that As your oxygen sensor is going bad you may notice your vehicle is running  9 Jun 2017 In your car, a functioning O2 sensor ensures that your engine is running at top performance. My car has 90000 miles. Oct 28, 2013 · The reason that it might run fairly well at first start is that the O2 sensor isn't used as an input until the engine warms and goes into closed loop operation (using the O2 sensor signal to help determine the correct air/fuel mixture). unplug maf drive around the block again. So - without the o2 sensor - you may be forcing the engine to run in open loop mode With the o2 sensor in - it will switch to closed loop mode. your car will likely run the same with or without an o2 sensor at wot, however partial throttle will suffer mad. It measures When a car has too much air, the engine is said to be running lean. Is your Check Engine Light haunting you from the dash like a tiny, orange, burning ember? If it is, there's a fairly good chance that a bad O2 sensor is causing the problem. Jan 12, 2005 · Without the O2 sensor your car's probably already running at its richest possible. In open loop the car doesnt use the O2 sensors anyway, so one would assume it would actually run better at WOT or open loop than closed loop where the car rely's on O2 info to control fuel to the engine. Apr 29, 2008 · It'll run better than with a bad sensor. A faulty O2 sensor can cause the engine to run too The mass air flow (MAF) sensor, part of your vehicle’s electronic fuel injection system, is responsible for calculating the total amount of air entering the engine. Let me know which one is the issue. unplugging the MAF and it runs smoother can usualy mean you have a vacuum leak or a faulty O2. 01-. According to the code, the sensor is reading too much oxygen in the exhaust stream. I'm reviving this old thread as I think it's time to unplug my O2 sensor. so do i just leave it unplugged. Feb 25, 2013 · At my wit's end with this thing. A throttle position sensor is similar to the motor cortex in the human brain, it controls one of the most important components of the car that keeps your engine running like a throttle body. if ur good an angled one in the secondary to take off the CEL the car isn't running right. Oct 19, 2005 · 4) Unplugging the O2 sensor WILL set a code. I changed it the car pulls better now. I have a 2001 Ford Taurus SEL with the V6 DOHC engine. It's not going to hurt a thing so be sure and run it long enough to where it would normally act up. Lots of misfire codes, and intermittently: "coolant thermostat jammed open", "o2 sensor control limit", "cat convertor efficiency". Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor Mar 16, 2018 · Wondering if anybody has encountered similar situation. 30 Mar 2006 I thought it would be the o2 sensor so i unplugged it when i got home and drove around and it seemed a bit better but still a rough idle. What the P2197 code means. Testing the O2 sensor wiring harness Monitor your engine air fuel ratio live from your phone with the PE-Wideband Kit with Bluetooth! The kit includes a PE-Wideband Controller, Bosch LSU 4. It very distinctly hesitates and then after a couple seconds (in acceleration) suddenly 'catches' and accelerates strong. Compare to an average Oxygen sensor, a good oxygen sensor will last for a longer period of time. So the problem is much better but not satisfactory It idles rough or at least not smoothly and hardly at all with vct sensor plugged in It has very poor pickup with vct sensor unplugged but hardly able to keep running with vct plugged in. Manfucturers call this crossing of the 0. The one above the transmission is supposed to be left unplugged, but on this car it isn't. Maybe I didn't run the car long enough to throw codes with the mafs unplugged? I ran the car earlier for around 5 miles with one maf unplugged and didn't throw a code. Really keep my foot light on the gas pedal to not overload the engine and cause knock. 48 The MAF readings are 7-8 with the sensor unplugged and 8-9 with the sensor plugged in. Oxygen sensors are one of the most often replaced sensors. 7 and pulls well. It is also known as a lambda sensor. The only problem will be that your vehicle will run sluggishly or roughly, or it  15 Jul 2009 The rear O2 sensors are there mainly to measure catalyst efficiency. Nov 08, 2018 · Here are five car sensors and their functions to help you better understand how your engine works. So as a quick heads up, most people will tell you its not possible for that to be the cause, but trust me it was. Again, I never had surging but I was curious to see if it would run better, richer, with the O2 sensor unplugged. If your oxygen sensor has failed, the code checker will generate a diagnostic trouble code that specifically indicates your oxygen sensor is bad. You may run into a situation where the catalyst monitor won't run because there's an O2 sensor code. Put some anti-sieze on the threads of your new sensor and reinstall. From a PDF I have, code 11 is: "O2S 1 heater (before TWC) - Current too high/low or short circuit". 2-. You could be right about that though. I disconnected the o2 sensor some time ago but now I'm wondering if it to see if that improves things, just follow the cable to the connector, tie it out Before air pollution laws forced manufacturers to make improvements to their engines the typical American car got around 12  7 Jun 2012 and slightly acceleration but not at wot and only once the car warmed up. Durability. I've heard the bike runs richer with them unplugged? This provides better gas mileage and lowers the bike's emissions. Runs fine, no different. Do not attempt to measure the resistance of the O2 sensors, it may damage them. You will be surprised at how good without a MAF because of the highly polished tune. Unfortunately, it did not help. The TPS is the same with the car off: 0. In the past, car engine instrumentation and sensors were relatively simple. Lower means leaner, higher means richer - so if there's no sensor, the ECU will see 0v and think it's running lean, and thus adjust fuel to be richer. I reconnected the O2 sensor, cleared the code, and the truck ran poorly, just as before. A bad or failing oxygen sensor will have a negative impact on environmental emissions and engine performance, so there are a 3 things to watch out for before your oxygen sensor completely fails. I've seen cars miss like a big dog with an A/F sensor driving it. So for the kicker the VVT solenoid ohms out perfectly in spec. Yeah my o2 sensor was black after about 1 minute of driving. Plugged in a new Bosche universal and the car ran perfect. With a properly set-up CIS system, running in closed loop, both However, better overall performance and fuel efficiency will occur when it is So to get back to the BASIC, yesthe car will run with the O2 sensor disconnected. The vehicle had come from another shop, which had already replaced the oxygen sensor. 7 Hemi installation later on. 9L. Same with my friends jetta. Though it is not a very good idea to drive the car until you get it fixed. 9 volts depedning on a/f mixture. This code is usually an indicator of an O2 (oxygen) sensor problem, although there are several things you can run without the o2 sensors, the ECU will lock its fuel trims, but otherwise will drive normally (depends a little on generation, the 1st gens were better at not caring). It drove better than it had in weeks. 4 to 0. The Redline uses a Wide Band O2 in that position (earlier cars and the 2. Conclusion: Your BD Turnkey Engine is going to run VERY good when you get it. If that sensor is out, you should see a lot of changes to how the car runs after replacing it. When cold, it says Throw more fuel. Initial lean for fraction of a second that you can't really feel and then goes back to a richer than 14. not dying and its running much better. 90,000 miles to keep your engine running smoothly and reduce pollution. Yes, it might just seem like a normal driving day to you. Mar 18, 2012 · That is what the O2 sensor does. With the engine running and the sensor unplugged, the voltage between harness side pins 1 and 5 should stay within the range of 0. or would it be possible to drill a plug hole in the new cat Nov 15, 2016 · A trick that works for me regarding up stream o2 sensor removal is: With the engine stone cold, room temperature, start the truck and let it run 30 seconds. With KOEO (key on engine off) use a voltmeter to check for battery voltage present at the o2 sensor connector (PCM side). When I unplugged the wires from the MAFS, it ran ten times better than before, hardly any surging at an idle, but when i plugged it back in, ran like crap again. Connect to ground and touch lead to heater circuit supply. new design is smaller, much more robust and reaches operating temperature faster. car runs better with o2 sensor unplugged

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