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Travel under the sea in Dubai in 2022


22 Dec 2021

Dubai is the most famous tourist city in the world. This spectacular city is located in the United Arab Emirates on the shores of the Persian Gulf. This city, which is very young, has become one of the most important places to invest, and therefore it is a city full of attractive structures and places, including the underwater world in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its completely modern and unique buildings and it annually hosts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Due to the proximity of this city to our country, it can be said that Dubai is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Iranians. The climate of this city is hot and dry, but the existence of its unique amenities has made this city host many tourists every day of the year. You can watch the underwater world in Dubai by traveling to the fascinating and scenic places of this city such as Burj Al Arab, Dubai Zoo, and Aquarium and diving on Jumeirah Beach, Charm Rock, and Martini Rock and make a memorable trip for yourself. Brought. Booking a Dubai visa is a safe and convenient way to have a pleasant trip to this city and see the underwater world in Dubai.

Underwater sights in Dubai

Due to its proximity to the beautiful Persian Gulf, the city of Dubai has many places of interest that you can visit to experience the underwater world of Dubai. From aquariums and glass boats to diving through coral reefs and seeing a variety of sea creatures. One of the places to explore the underwater world is hotels like the Atlantis Hotel. This hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in Dubai, has underwater rooms. As if the rooms are located under the sea. The facilities of this 5-star hotel include swimming with dolphins, which is one of the most attractive activities for tourists.

Last Chambers Aquarium is another attraction of this hotel. This luxury hotel is located on Jumeirah Beach. Other places you can visit to experience the underwater world are the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall. In addition to shopping and visiting the Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest and most spectacular shopping malls in the world, travelers can watch the underwater world. You can also enjoy the underwater world by staying in hotels such as the Atlantis Hotel and the Burj Al Arab Hotel. An exciting trip can be arranged by applying a Dubai visa.

Florida has always been a destination for ocean-going travelers. There are many attractions in Florida. The Florida Keys, a mesmerizing tropical island that stretches like a pearl from the southern tip of Miami, is one of them. With activities such as fishing, scuba diving and boating, Keys is a great place to travel.

In Ki Largo, travelers can take their diving interest to a new challenge. Jules Submarine Cottage is the only hotel in the world where you have to dive to reach your rooms. This unique experience sets it apart from other underwater hotels. This hotel provides you with beautiful excitement and memories by creating a sense of isolation and adventure.

You can find a variety of activities to keep you active and entertained, including underwater labs that study marine biology. Jules offers diving training for beginners or professionals. Even if you do not plan to stay overnight here, you can go to this hotel for a few hours and go scuba diving or have a meal there.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and its underwater zoo are located in the largest shopping mall in the world, which is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. One of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, this 10 million liter tank is home to more than 140 different species of animals and is home to only 300 sharks and fish. Dubai Aquarium offers a fun experience for all family members of all ages and tastes.

You can board a glass-bottomed boat, or enter the underwater tunnel and take a walk in the underwater world to see the amazing surroundings. If you are not afraid of the underwater world and its inhabitants, you can enter the underwater cages with your child and see them from a closer distance.

Diving enthusiasts can also take two-day aquarium classes and receive their PADI diving certificate after sufficient hours and training.

The underwater zoo, located one floor above the aquarium, houses animals from a variety of ecological areas, including the UAE desert, rocky shoreline, ocean and rainforest. When sightseeing and visiting the zoo, look for piranhas (piranhas are a group of carnivorous fish that have very sharp teeth and if eaten they will eat all kinds), penguins, otters And be crocodiles. If you want to see them from a very short distance, you should buy an Encounter package.

Ocean Zoo Underwater School offers educational programs for all ages (even toddlers). Topics of the program include animal survival, UAE heritage and ecosystem, animal protection and care. Tours and programs are held several times during the day and at specific times.

It is interesting to know that its acrylic panel weighs more than 245 thousand kilograms and its dimensions are very large, because of breaking the record panel of its kind, its name was registered in the Guinness Book.

Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Burj Al Arab, which is a symbolic tower in Dubai, is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. This 7-star hotel is 321 meters high. This hotel is one of the most beautiful structures in the world with its luxurious and expensive restaurants and rooms. Al Mahara Restaurant is one of the attractive restaurants of this hotel, in which the large and very beautiful aquarium of this hotel is located, and more than one million liters in that underwater world in Dubai and the presence of fish and other beautiful sea creatures enjoy the food. Has multiplied several times.

Other breathtaking attractions of this hotel include the 7 floors of the hotel, which is built underwater in Dubai. The ultra-luxurious rooms of this hotel with a view from under the sea and a variety of beautiful fish and sea creatures, is one of the most unique rooms in the world. Staying in underwater rooms, you can experience a beautiful and relaxing view of the sea and its amazing creatures.

Attractive places for diving in Dubai

Car Cemetery, Charm Rock and Martini Rock are some of the most attractive places for diving and the underwater world in Dubai. The car cemetery is a place built for diving. This spot is made of 20 machines covered with algae so that the habitat of all kinds of marine animals is beautiful and has become one of the most attractive places for diving. Charm Rock is another place where you can go scuba diving.

Most of this place is made up of coral hills and rocks, and the presence of fish and crabs that live among the rocks, has added a special charm to this place. You can dive to a depth of 14 meters on the Sharm Rock, which is located on the east coast of the city. Diving and watching the underwater world in Dubai is one of the most exciting activities where you can see the amazing creatures of the sea up close.

You can dive to a depth of 20 meters on the Martini Rock. To dive on the Martini Rock, you must travel to the east coast of the city and take a boat to a place known as the Martini Rock. The presence of colorful corals in this place has made this place one of the most popular places for diving, especially night diving. Dubai city, in addition to having pleasant and wonderful places for diving, also suitable and exciting sites for diving. has it. Among these sites, we can mention the Dara and Leng Cement sites, which are both suitable for both diving and diving. By getting a Dubai visa, you can experience all the sights of this beautiful city and make a memorable and relaxing trip for yourself and our loved ones.

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