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The deepest pool in the world opened in Dubai


13 Dec 2021

You are only one hour away from being a luxury. So take your heart to the sea once and for all and experience the most different vacation of your life by traveling to Dubai. All you have to do is take a moment and get acquainted with the most luxurious entertainment in Dubai. Rest assured that after reading this article, Dubai will become your dream destination.

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Dubai, the amazing city in the world that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year, has just opened the deepest indoor pool in the world. The depth of this pool is more than 60 meters, which is why it has set a new record in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Deep Dave Dubai Pool is just 15 minutes from downtown Dubai and is open to the public. According to AFP, the cost of an hour of diving in this pool will be between 135 and 410 dollars.

The depth of the Deep Dive Dubai pool is estimated at more than 60 meters, thus setting a new Guinness World Record. According to the builders, the pool is filled with more than 3.7 million gallons of water, which is equivalent to six swimming pools at the Olympics.

The average water temperature in DeepDay Dubai is kept at 36 degrees Celsius so that divers can easily swim in the pool in thin diving suits and not get into trouble.

The city of Atlantis in the depths of Deep Dave

Deep Dave Dubai challenges all human imagination. One of the most interesting points of this pool is Atlantis, man-made in the depths of the pool. In this pool, a variety of places have been created with fully equipped equipment so that divers, in addition to swimming, can spend hours surfing and playing. Like chess tables, which will definitely be very exciting in the deep water.

The lighting in all the pools is very professionally done so that the depths of the pool are very bright so that divers can easily enjoy the environment. Not surprisingly, Deep Dive Dubai looks like an underwater movie recording studio.

The sunken city of Deep Dave contains many gadgets that prove to be amazing to the whole world. Motorcycles and shopping carts are among the items that you are allowed to use in the underwater city.

Inside the pool there are various rooms, each of which has a themed theme, and a variety of equipment is available in these rooms for divers to use. This is why Deep Dive Dubai is not the only deep pool in the world. Rather, it is a very different and well-equipped pool, and it looks more like a city or amusement park that is located deep in the water.


Watch the world of Deep Dave

Deep Dive Dubai even for people who are not interested in diving; It has provided an opportunity to watch this mysterious world. Visitors can watch the underwater world through the windows and screens embedded in the pool. So if you are also afraid of scuba diving, do not worry about visiting Deep Dive.

Deep Dave Dubai is a place for professional to amateur divers

The creators of Deep Dive Dubai have announced that this pool is not the only place for specialized divers. Amateur divers can also enjoy diving in this pool. In Deep Dave, there will be several courses for amateur divers.

So it will be a great opportunity for tourists on a Dubai tour to enjoy scuba diving in one of the most underwater cities and deepest pools in the world. so you can apply your Dubai visa right now and enjoy in this pool.

Ensuring the safety of divers in the deepest pool in Dubai

The pool is equipped with more than 56 cameras to monitor divers and ensure their safety. Cameras cover and monitor the entire pool so that lifeguards can take immediate action in the face of potentially dangerous situations. For this purpose, there is a high-pressure medical center for the treatment of accident divers in Deep Dave. There is also a special room deep in the pool that 12 people can enter in case of an emergency.

The pool has not yet been officially opened to the public. But Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan has announced that the pool will currently be visited only by invitation. Hollywood actor Will Smith is one of the people who have been invited to Deep Dive for diving.

According to Deep Dave Dubai officials, the pool is likely to reopen to the public in late July, where only people over the age of 10 are allowed to dive.

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