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Ski in the heat of Dubai


27 Dec 2021

Ski Dubai in the UAE is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers a variety of services such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and even snowboarding. This structure has an area of ​​22,500 square meters and is always covered with real snow all year round. Dubai Ski is owned by Emirates Mall and is part of the Majid Al Futtaim Group.
Dubai Ski has 5 ski slopes that differ in terms of difficulty, height, and slope. The longest slope is 400 meters long and more than 60 meters high, which makes this slope the first indoor track of its kind in the world. Skiers and snowboarders with all levels of ability will enjoy these different slopes, and also snowboarders can practice their demonstration skills using a 90-meter tube. Indoor snow park in the world with an area of ​​3,000 meters, have fun.

What will you read here

You do not have to worry about skiing equipment or clothes. Dubai Skiing thinks everywhere and gives its guests winter clothes, skiing and snowboarding equipment. are you coming.
You can also use the restaurants at this location. The St Moritz Coffee Shop at the entrance to the Dubai Ski Resort and the Avalanche Coffee Shop at the Middle Station with a view of the ski slopes. A dedicated ski shop called Snow Pro , Has experts who will guide you in the equipment you need and a team of instructors to help you learn and enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

The main parts of the ski slope

The slopes of the Dubai Ski Area are designed to look like Georgia’s scenic mountains from a distance, but at the same time are perfect for winter sports. Even if you are not a professional skier, you will receive basic training before you are allowed to ski on the snowy slopes of Dubai.
Dubai Ski Resort has five different routes with different difficulty levels, heights, slopes and lengths, and skiers and snowboarders with medium skill level (level 2) can climb the slope.

The rules of Dubai Ski Resort are as follows:

1) Children under the age of two are not allowed to enter the Dubai ski area.
2) Children 2 to 8 years old can enter only under adult supervision.
3) Children aged 9 to 12 can enter if a guardian is present at the UAE Grand Mall.
4) Visitors under the age of 21 must fill out a parent or guardian consent form before entering the ski slope.

Other facilities

Other facilities in this complex include private rooms for children’s parties, wardrobes, exclusive retail store – Snow Peru, St. Maurice Cafe and Avalanche Cafe, etc. Also, you dear ones, if you have not brought warm clothes or ski equipment with you, do not worry about anything, because in this center, all the facilities for family entertainment are regularly installed and placed, and in addition, it is possible to use winter clothes and equipment. You also have skiing and snowboarding and you can rent the equipment you need here.
The presence of 20 penguins on the track brought from Texas, along with a veterinarian and several crews to prepare food for the penguins to stay healthy and provided with a natural environment, really makes this complex unique.
It’s interesting for you tourists to know that the first indoor ski resort was built in 1987 for the people of Adelaide, Australia to be able to ski on these snow-covered slopes without going to the famous Alps.
Years later, these indoor ski resorts became available in different parts of the world, such as England, France, Japan and South Korea. The tourists, sports and entertainment that you can do in these halls are not limited to skiing, and snowboarding and sledding have been widely considered by tourists and tourists in the world.

Snow Park (Snow Park); Cold in the heat

For tourists who are looking for pristine and exciting routes, snowboarding can be a great sport and you will see a 400 meter route in Dubai skiing that is built for you to do snowboarding freely.
Next to the snow mountain, there is a snow park that has a playground with an area of ​​3000 thousand square meters, in addition to special towers for climbing, sled and ice surrender, three-dimensional theater, slide and snowball shooting are other facilities of this complex for You are travelers.
The interesting thing is that this set is so complete and perfect that they have thought about everything, including: kids usually like spinning and making snowballs and throwing them at each other and making snowmen more than other games. They have and welcome. Also, for those of you who do not like skiing or snowboarding, there are winter games facilities for you on your trip to Dubai, such as riding a lodge and sliding downhill.

Polar penguins in the heart of the desert

Dubai Ski Resort hosts the realm of Gentoo penguins and King Penguins. In fact, visitors to Dubai Snow Park can watch the penguins march four times a day: at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.
However, if you are very eager to have even a brief encounter with the penguins, you should book the Snow Penguin package. It is also a fun and educational experience at the Dubai Ski Resort, where everyone learns fun facts about penguins and how to protect them in the wild, which is why many tourists are fascinated by this part of Dubai Ski Resort.

To have a great experience of skiing in the heat of Dubai, you can get your Dubai visa now.

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