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See the world’s largest carousel in Dubai (Dubai Eye)


25 Dec 2021

The modern and touristic city of Dubai has been astonishing to the people of the world for years with its construction of gigantic structures and the implementation of ambitious projects, attracting millions of tourists every year. The name of this city has been seen many times in the Guinness Book of World Records. This time it is time to mention Dubai as the city that houses the largest and tallest carousel in the world. Shortly before the Dubai Eye Carousel or the same Dubai Carousel was unveiled at the bride of the UAE, and once again the name of this city became known all over the world. you can see See the world’s largest carousel in Dubai (Dubai Eye) by apply for your Dubai visa now

Where is the Dubai Eye Carousel?

The same Dubai carousel is built on an artificial island called Bluewaters Island. Blue Waters Island is located in the Dubai Marina area and the waters of the Persian Gulf. The island is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the UAE, and in addition to being the largest carousel in the world, it has numerous entertainment centers, luxury hotels, beach clubs, shops and more.
As we said, Dubai Carousel or Fanfar is a large and tall structure that has been named the tallest carousel in the world. Given the grandeur of this carousel and its landscape, it can be said that “Dubai Eye” is a very good name for it. Because when you look at it from a distance, it is as if you are looking at it with big eyes. It is worth mentioning that this structure has been highly admired and considered by the world’s engineers in terms of dimensions and construction process, and has earned the title of unprecedented structures in the world of engineering.
You can travel to the heavens by riding this huge carousel; Because its height is about 250 meters (820 feet)! It is worth mentioning that this giant fanfare has 48 chambers, which can accommodate 1400 people at the same time and give them the pleasure of watching the 360-degree and stunning view. Another feature of this carousel is that it moves very slowly and makes a pleasant trip for its passengers. A complete rotation of this fanfare takes about 48 minutes; So by riding it, you can enjoy being in the heart of Dubai and watching mesmerizing scenery, and create unique moments for yourself.
Finally, we must mention that the rooms of this huge structure were made by “Hyundai” company and the space inside them is very beautiful, modern and comfortable. Also inside the rooms there are special facilities such as soft and comfortable sofas, tables, air conditioners, wooden floors and ؛; Therefore, traveling inside them is very comfortable and enjoyable and does not bother you in any way.

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