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2 type of Safari in Dubai in 2021


30 Oct 2021

if you search on the internet, you will find so many videos about the luxury life in Dubai. But it is not all activities that you can do in Dubai. we offer you 2 type of safari in Dubai that can help you to feel relax after busy days.

Do you want to feel peace and take relax in the desert or see stars without artifactual light at night? Yes, Dubai is the best and good option for you.  

safari in dubai

Desert safari in Dubai

The way to see the desert is on a desert safari. you can enjoy the breeze you go on your wildlife drive through the desert Conservation Reserve.

maybe you are thinking about the temperature of the weather. in the desert two hours just before sunset, it cools down quite rapidly in fact. it can be and between degrees cooler out here compared to the cost in the city. But the way most safari provider companies have air conditioning vehicles available at their campus. On that campus, you can see traditional life by modern technology like cooling fans inside their tents. 

most of these companies provide various programs like:

  • Camel Ride
  • Soundboard
  • Dinner
  • live showing
  • Sand ski
there is some difference between ice skiing and sand skiing. Don’t worry if you never stood skiing. In the desert, you will have the best experience because if you fall your landing is always cushioned by soft sand.

Dubai safari park

The next experience that you can make in Dubai is to visit Dubai safari park. in this park, you can see around 3000 animals. in addition, they allow you to make a new experience get up close to your favorite animals. Dubai safari park looked at Dwarka 5 Dubai is home to thousands of animals from all over the world.

it is comprised of five villages a raven desert safari African, Asian, explorer, and of course the kid’s farm. they have a lineup of shows such as the bird show amazing creatures of the world and the birds of brazil. 

One of their interactive activities is the giraffe feeding and listening to traditional music. The performance of the music is based on the region to which the animals belong.



Safari in Dubai

Both adults and children are going to enjoy this kind of encounter with animals at Dubai safari park. To know more go to the Dubai safari park website

Do you know about other fun activities in Dubai? if you are interested in enjoying your time in Dubai safari, we provide visit visas for tourism. our processes are easy and fast. it takes only 3 days to obtain your visa and come to Dubai.

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