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Reasons for Rejection of Dubai Visa in 2022


31 Jan 2022

Applying for a Dubai visa is online and does not require the physical presence of the applicant. All you have to do is submit the documents on the Emirates Evisa website and wait for the final result of obtaining a visa or rejecting your visa application.

The UAE Immigration Service, like other countries, has specific reasons for rejecting applicants’ applications, here are the most common reasons for rejecting a Dubai visa application:

  • If the visa applicant has been a resident of the UAE in the past and has left the country without coordination with the authorities, in order for his / her application to be accepted, he/she must go to the UAE immigration department and provide them with the reasons for leaving the country.
  • If the visa applicant has a record of being convicted, fraudulent, or has served a sentence in the UAE, her/his visa application will be rejected.
  • If the applicant has previously received a UAE tourist visa and has not traveled to that country within the stipulated time, he/she must inform the agency or broker so that the previous documents can be removed from his / her file. Because the probability of rejecting the next application of the applicant is very high.
  • If a Dubai visa applicant manages to obtain a work visa but does not enter the country within the prescribed period, he or she must notify the airline agency or broker so that the previous documents at the UAE Immigration Office can be cleared, as his or her next application is very likely to be rejected.
  • If there is a defect in the applicant’s name, passport number, or codes in the applicant’s documents, his / her application will be rejected.
  • If the photo of the applicant is not clear, the online system of the embassy will not accept the photo and will reject the applicant.
  • If you have a valid visa and reapply for a visa within the same time period, the applicant’s application will be rejected.
  • If you have a valid visa and reapply for a visa within the same time period, the applicant’s application will be rejected.

For some nationalities Identification documents such as ID and national cards are required to be submitted to the Dubai Immigration Office and if they are not sent, the chances of the application being rejected will increase. The documents required for the Dubai visa are listed here.
People under the age of 18 and over the age of 70 will most likely be rejected if they apply for a Dubai tourist visa on their own.

New conditions for issuing Dubai tourist visas

  • UAE travel insurance is required for Dubai visa applicants. (This insurance policy must be issued by the UAE through reputable Dubai visa brokers)

  • Under the new conditions of the Dubai Visa Issuance Center, visa restrictions for single men under the age of 50 have been lifted. According to the announcement, men can apply for visas and travel to Dubai as before.

Ways to follow the UAE visa

There are several different ways to apply for a UAE visa, and the way to apply for a visa can be different depending on which way the applicant applies. In summary, the following methods can be used to track a Dubai visa.

ICA site
EForm site
Emirates Evisa site 

Amer site
Chat with Amer support
Dubai Now app
Chat with ICA Smart Services support

5 things that can ban travel to or from the UAE

  • If you have become someone’s guarantor and the case is active in this case, you will not be able to leave the UAE until the case is closed.
  • If you do not pay your rent or the landlord sues you at the Dubai Housing Rental Office for damage to the building.
  • If you are not at work for seven working days. Under UAE law, if you do not show up for work for seven days, your employer has the right to sue you for unexpected leave of absence, which could result in you being barred from leaving the UAE. Of course, if you prove the claim to be false, this ban will be lifted.
  • You can visit police offices in Dubai and throughout the UAE for any legal issues.
  • If you owe someone, pay your debt before leaving the UAE. Otherwise, the creditor can issue a ban on your departure from Dubai.

To visit the Dubai Police Department, you can call 8005111 and check the status of leaving the country by presenting your passport details.

You can obtain your visa under the Emirates Evisa website and get it min in 24 hours and max 3 days. the long of process up to the nationalities.

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