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Providing one year residence in Dubai for remote foreign workers


02 Feb 2022

Dubai is seeking a new visa for remote workers to stay in the city with their families for one year.
Telecommuting is now more common than ever, and it is likely that this trend will continue even after the end of the Corona epidemic. Dubai also intends to take advantage of this new lifestyle and join countries such as Georgia, Barbados, and Estonia by offering long-term visas to telecommuters. The program allows telecommuters and their families to stay in Dubai while working for foreign companies.

Visa holders are allowed to open accounts in the city’s banks; in addition, they can enroll their children in Dubai schools and have telephones and internet for their home and workspace. Life in Dubai is not cheap; however, not receiving income tax can cover some of the costs.
The Dubai Visa costs $ 287, plus the cost of health insurance and case review. Visa applicants must earn at least $ 5,000 a month and provide proof of employment and a quarterly certificate of bank account balance.

“Helal Almarri, director-general of the Dubai Tourism Authority, said:

The corona epidemic has changed the way we live and work. The priority of the people of the world is still health, well-being, and the skill of balancing work and life. Due to its unique location, Dubai offers a safe and dynamic lifestyle for digital activists and their families to operate remotely, whether it takes months or a year.

Those who are interested in working in Dubai can implement various ideas to start a business in Dubai. Read our article on this site. The UAE is one of the best countries to start a business. The existence of  9 percent tax for foreign companies, Dubai’s strategic position for global trade, and the modernity of the financial and commercial infrastructure in this country are all among the factors that have made all international companies have branches in Dubai. Those who are looking to expand their business and commerce in Dubai can easily establish their company in Dubai and obtain UAE residence by using their UAE license partner.
Obtaining residency in the UAE and Dubai can be obtained through other means such as buying a house in Dubai and the UAE, working in Dubai and the UAE, studying in the UAE, and obtaining residency in the UAE through marriage. In most cases, in order to receive the initial residence and register the stamp of the Dubai Immigration Office in your passport, you must first enter Dubai with a tourist visa and then receive the residence. The residency process is short, one week, so do not worry.

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