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Marina Dubai | Pristine and exceptional beach


09 Dec 2021

Dubai, this coastal city has been recognized as an important tourist center in the Middle East for the last ten years. The city has seen a lot of economic and industrial growth in recent years. This makes everyone want to know about the tourist centers of this city or touch it with all their being. One of these famous areas is Dubai Marina, which is also known as the architectural masterpiece of Dubai. This is a place where tourists can have dinner in the open air and then go for a walk on the beach of Marina with their companion and enjoy the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. We will continue to describe this luxury area.

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Introducing Marina Beach

This beach is the largest beach tourism center in Dubai. To build such a place, dozens of experienced architects and technicians have joined hands and created such an architectural and artistic work with the large budget they had. Dubai Marina Beach is completely man-made. The development of this project, like most massive architectural projects in Dubai, is in the hands of a real estate consulting company (Propitiz Construction). This project is still being completed and is currently one of the largest marinas in the world, despite not being completed.

Dubai Marina will become Dubai’s largest entertainment center in the future with more than 200 skyscrapers under construction, such as the Jumeirah Tower, which will include a variety of restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues. Dubai Marina Pier is 20 meters long and includes three residential buildings and the East, West and North Wharf buildings.

The Marina Beach Resort, also known as Jumeirah Resort, was started in 2002 by Dubai Properties (a subsidiary of Dubai Holding) with a budget of 6 billion dirhams and was completed in 2007.

12% of Dubai Marina is public space. To build the Dubai Marina, a central waterfront was first dug in the desert, then a three-kilometer radius was established.

History of Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina was built in 2002 with inspiration from Vancouver Marina. Phase 1 of this project includes 25 hectares of marina area. A budget of 1.2 billion was considered for the first phase of this project. The good news for people interested in hiking is that this phase has 7 km of walking space.

The second phase of this project includes the construction of 200 skyscrapers with a height of over 250 meters. The lowest tower of this project is 250 meters high and the tallest is 516 meters high.

Dubai Marina is one of the world’s architectural masterpieces with an area of 7 km and a multitude of skyscrapers and luxury buildings along with a handmade beach canal. Dubai Marina, along with several other ambitious projects alongside the Dubai Canal, is one of the most challenging architectural projects in the world. This project started in 2002 and is being completed so far.

Marina Dubai | Pristine and exceptional beach

Dubai Marina Shopping Mall

Dubai Marina Mall, known as Marina Mall, is one of the most famous shopping malls in Dubai. The center has cinemas, supermarkets, luxury restaurants and agencies of world famous brands such as Gucci, Chanel and..

This shopping center is open all days of the week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and always tries to attract customers with its attractive monthly discounts.

If you are planning to go to this shopping center by public transport, your job is very easy because the Dubai Marina Shopping Center is a 10 minute walk from Jumeirah Metro Station.

Due to the presence of more than 200 buildings in Dubai Marina, many residential and commercial towers are being built or under construction in this area, the most famous of which can be:

  • Kavali
  • Damak Heights
  • Vida Dubai Marina
  • One Studio
  • Marina Arcade
  • Project under
  • construction CIA Plus
  • Plateau Resort
  • And… pointed out.

All these towers have a beautiful view of Dubai Marina beach. By pre-purchasing or purchasing a residential unit from the towers under construction or completed, you can stay in them instead of a hotel when traveling to Dubai.


House prices in Dubai Marina

If you are looking to buy a house in Dubai, be sure to go to Dubai Marina area before visiting any area. Residential buildings in the area range from one-bedroom apartments to luxury five-bedroom penthouses.

If you are looking for full property ownership as a foreign investor, Dubai Marinette has several free real estate projects that will allow you to do just that. If you want to buy a property in this luxurious and expensive area, you should know that a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina is priced from 645 thousand dirhams to 2.4 million dirhams, and the price of five-bedroom luxury penthouses in this area can be priced up to 45 million dirhams. Be. Due to the proximity of Dubai Marina to the coast and the availability of Dubai Media City and Internet City shopping areas, many immigrants have made buying property in Dubai Marina one of their top priorities.

Marina Dubai Pristine and exceptional beach (2)

Dubai Marina Hotel

There are many luxury and quality hotels in Dubai Marina area, the most famous of which are Marina Byblos Hotel Dubai, Marina Hotel Dubai and Lee Royal Meridian Beach Resort & Spa Dubai.

If you are looking for a luxury five star hotel, be sure to consider the Marina Hotel Dubai for your stay. This hotel has very easy access to the Marina Mall. Tourists and guests of the hotel can enjoy a variety of Arabic, Asian and European cuisine during the day.

The furnishings in the hotel rooms are designed with the latest in interior design. The design of these devices uses warm and soothing colors so that guests can enjoy all the moments of their stay in this hotel.

Why should we visit the Dubai Marina area?

Dubai has long evolved from a desert country with sandy beaches to a modern and advanced country with amazing architecture and fascinating skyscrapers. You will not find the most beautiful of these architectures and skyscrapers anywhere other than Dubai’s largest beach resort or Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina has become a popular destination for foreign tourists with its shopping malls, luxury restaurants and handmade canals, which are a masterpiece of the country’s architectural art. Dubai Marina, the largest marina in the world, is located next to Jabal Ali and Al-Sufuh.

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