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Largest island in the world in 2022


05 Dec 2021

Palm Jumeirah island is the largest man-made island in the world. the shape is like a palm tree on the sea and connected on the beach of Dubai. stretching five and a half kilometers into the Persian Gulf lies the most audacious engineering project the world has ever seen. Palm Jumeirah is so vast it can be seen from space. built from sand and rock. threatened by earthquakes, violent stones, and erosion from the sea. it’s remarkable that Palm Jumeirah exists at all. engineers must race against time and battle constantly with the forces of nature. this is a megastructure they thought could never be built. 

August 2001, the Persian Gulf was massive is a massive activity. Dubai was building one of the biggest man-made islands in the world. engineers had a Daunting task ahead of them because this is a construction like no other. all structures stand in defiance of nature. Most were built from concrete and steel materials that are artificial strengthened but this massive island was being constructed out at sea using only natural materials sand and rock and both start eroding the moment they hit the water. the project manager Bob burger said it was a daunting task. In the Middle East Dubai was the jewel of the Arab world. A kingdom built on the profits of its oil reserves. This tony emirate is twice the size of London is one of the reachest places in the Arab world but it hasn’t always been like this. 50 years ago Dubai was a trading town built on the creek. Over half a century later it’s been transformed. Now it’s famous for gold, trade, oil and there is a problem on the horizon by 2016 oil will have run out. It’ll mean disaster for the economy. Dubai must find a new source of income. the crown prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum has a two-billion-dollar plan to save this country. He saw that his kingdom transform itself into the world. the first option was a luxury tourism destination. making Palm Jumeirah island was part of this plan.

Who live in Palm Jumeirah?

There are 16 fronds that house more than 1500 luxury beach-front villages. the villas that lie on the share their own stretch of private beach. When the island was built, it doubled the coastline of Dubai and added more than 80 km of shoreline to the city. Atlantis hotel was the first hotel to be built on Palm Jumeirah and has since become one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. it has its own dedicated waterpark, Aquaventure which even hosts its own monorail to ferry passengers to and from the park. the hotel itself has more than 1500 rooms and is a selfie-have for social media savvy. this hotel is expensive and so luxurious but we already wrote about the cheapest hotels in Dubai that might help you. Anyway, most of the Indian actors and beauty bloggers have a villa in Palm Jumeirah. 


How you can rent villa in Palm Jumeirah?

Rent of apartment, room, villa in Dubai is like that you should pay in 3 checks. so first you should come to Dubai and then you can pay for that. here we provide Dubai visa applications very easy and you can apply now. minimum time to approve a visa is 24 hours and the maximum time is 3 days.  The document requirements for a Dubai visa are a clear passport scan and photo but some nationalities need some other document also that you can know bout here.

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