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Holding a real “Compound Game” in the UAE


10 Jan 2022

Fans of the “Squid Game” series in Abu Dhabi may have the opportunity to experience participating in a true “compound game”, albeit without killing or bloodshed.
The Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates is preparing for an event with the theme of the “Combined Game” series.

The “Combined Game” series aired on Netflix on September 17 and soon became the most watched series in the world. This Korean series is about helpless people who are struggling with severe economic problems. Finding no way out, they decide to take part in a series of deadly challenges designed to mimic Korean children’s games, hoping to win a $ 38 million prize.

According to the page of this event, 4 of the 6 games shown in the Netflix series will be held in this match. “Green light, red light” and “Dalguna candy” are among these games. Players can also try out the “Marbles” and “Dokji” games in the series. But instead of $ 38 million, the winners of the green heater will be awarded a prize and there is no cash prize.

The center’s games are expected to take place in two-hour sessions, and the eliminated players can watch the rest of the game from the sidelines.
Applicants for the Abu Dhabi Composite Competition must complete a form with three questions that assess their basic knowledge of the Netflix series. Fortunately, applicants do not have to be slapped by the organizers to enter the competition.

The Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates is planning to hold a series-style competition for the series. The event is scheduled to be attended by two teams of 15 people and will be held on Tuesday, October 12, in two stages at the office of the country’s cultural center in Abu Dhabi.
The Squid Game series aired on Netflix on September 17 and reached number one in the United States. The play is a Korean-language drama about desperate people in dire economic straits. 456 players who have no choice but to enter a mysterious match in the hope of winning a $ 38 million prize and face a series of deadly challenges.
One of the beautiful aspects of this series is the design of these stages based on traditional Korean children’s games.
According to the Korean Cultural Center in the UAE, four of the six games seen in the series will take place during the event. These include the “red and green light” challenges and the traditional Dalgona candy. Both of these games in TickTock have also led to the creation of fun short videos.

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