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Free things to do in UAE


06 Dec 2021

UAE is a luxury destination for tourists and all know it because of that but still there are some activities that you do free. here we explain about free things to do in UAE. We already made a Dubai travel guide on our website . in this blog you can find 9 tips you need to know before visiting Dubai! now let’s talk about free things that you can do in UAE.

Take time on the beach

Dubai is home to some stunning public beaches. JBR is a favorite beach distance in Dubai. staying on the beach, swimming is free but there is some attraction that you must do at the beach JBR. 

  1. Drink and dine high up in the sky. Fly club at the beach JBR is an iconic french entertainment concept. Get elevated 40 meters in the air while you sit back and enjoy refreshments. enjoy magnificent 360-degree views of the Dubai coastline. 
  2. workout at the beach. Burn off those calories at warehouse gym located on the beach. tops of as you enjoy the lovely sea view.
  3. Shop at the market. The market located at the beach lets you shop in a picturesque al fresco setting. The market features 42 stalls with a diverse mix of wears on traditional arts and crafts.

Watch the Dubai fountain

Watch the world’s largest dancing fountain at Dubai Mall. the fountain shoots up to 500 feet and has over 6600wet light. The show happens every evening between 6 – 11 pm.


Bird watching

Did you know that Dubai has hidden mangrove filled with flamingos? Bird lovers, spend a day for free at Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is a home to over 20000 Birds of 67 varied species. But it is flamingos that steal the show especially during winter months. It is open all year around. Best time to come is actually at 4 pm if you want to see them, feeding them.

Check out the gold souk

Get a taste of Dubai’s glitz and glamour at the gold souk with over 300 shops, the market sells gold and other precious stones. Walk around to get a feel of UAE’s rich history and culture. We already talk about beautiful places to visit in Dubai. 

Treat your senses

Located next to the gold souk the spice souk is an olfactory delight. To reach dear you can get a Abra for 1AED from Bur Dubai to old souk. specie are not the only thing you will find here. Feel like an Arab gypsy or dress up like a Sheikh . take home peaces of traditional Middle East artifacts and souvenirs. find a dedicated saffron shop with highest quality products. Try Arab perfuming oils with musk or pick up authentic frankincense. take home your own shisha or explore Arab fruity tea.

The market sells herbs, spices, soaps, salts and much more. the souk is home to over 150 shops.

Love lake

Love lake is a words only man made heart shaped lake. the lake is open 24 hours and is free cost. the lake is locate about 50 km from the center of Dubai. it’s big enough to be seen on google maps satellite imagery and even from space. There are lots of other hearts-shaped things there including twigs formed together to make hearts and lots of swans swimming about. it is a great spot to have picnic. the best time to visit would be during the daytime and at sunset.


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