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By applying online you do not have to find a local sponsor in the UAE, and will receive a response in just a few days.
You can also submit all the required documents and information and pay for visa fees from home, without having to send documents by post or fax.
If your visa application is approved, we will also automatically Send it to by email
Is the Dubai visa obtained from Emirates E visa pertinent only to Dubai or the rest of the UAE as well?
You can apply for a visa a maximum of 58 days before you travel, and a minimum of 48 working hours before you travel.
Emirates visa recommend you apply for your visa well in advance of travel.
No: you can apply for a visa any time up to 48 working hours before you travel.
The decision to grant entry visas to the UAE is entirely at the discretion of the country’s immigration authorities – EmiratesEvisa l cannot guarantee that your visa application will be accepted.
The granting of a visa does not guarantee entry to the UAE: the final decision is made by immigration officers at the point of entry.
Yes you can any airline as well you can come from any port even land or cruise.
Provided all required documents are submitted correctly, visas are normally issued by email within four working days of your application.
The security deposit is an amount payable by residents of certain countries, and will be refunded after you have left the UAE. The system will automatically include the security deposit, based on your country of residence.
Once the immigration authority in the UAE records your successful exit in the system.Your security deposit will be refunded in the next 4-5 international working days. The client has to get an exit stamp in their passports, this is a proof departure.
If an unsuccessful visa application is found then the security deposit will be refunded within four international working days of the application being returned.
Your deposit will normally be refunded within four international working days; after this time, you can check with your bank or card provider to confirm the refund. Please note that, if you paid by credit card, the refund may be shown on your next month’s statement. If you haven’t received your refund within four international working days, please contact us through by email
Every passenger requiring a visa will need to submit the following documents, in electronic and coloured format:
  • Passport copy which should be valid a minimum of six months on the date of travel.
  • Passport-style colour photograph
The UAE requires all visitors to have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival. If your passport is valid for less than six months, you will need to renew it before you can apply for a visa and travel to the UAE.
Yes. All passengers, including children and infants must have a visa to enter the UAE. This also includes infants travelling on their parents’ laps. We are unable to process visas for children endorsed on their parent’s passports.
All visas are sent by email, to the email address given at the start of the application process.
No: you will receive an electronic visa, which does not require anything to be stamped in your passport ahead of travel. All visas are sent by email.
You should print out a copy of your visa before you travel, and bring it with you.
You can apply for either a 96-hour visa, a 30-day visa, or a 90-day visa, depending on the length of your stay in the UAE.
Yes: you need a new visa each time you enter the UAE.
Alternatively if your itinerary permits you may also opt for a multiple entry visa.
When you complete your visa application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link – this will allow you to track your visa application process at any time..
We will send you an email once your visa application has been approved or rejected, or if additional information is required.
Unfortunately, the UAE authorities do not give reasons for rejecting visa applications, so we cannot provide specific reasons why your application was unsuccessful.
No: The UAE immigration authorities do not refund visa fees for unsuccessful applications. If you paid a security deposit, this will be refunded within four international working days of the application being returned.
No, you cannot reapply through the Emiratesevisa online please send us email to first.
You will need your to send us email and please note that if your application was processes you will need to wait the immigration response either with approval or rejection and the cancellation will be 40 USD additional .
You may extend below mentioned visa types twice for 30days each. Extension fee is AED 990 each time. Please send to us by email to

Visa type
Short Term Visit Single Entry
Long Term Visit Single Entry
Long Term Visit Multiple Entry
Short Term Visit Multiple Entry
Passports with single name will not be accepted, applicant needs to have minimum two names in passport to apply for a UAE visa.
You can Send you pending document by sending it to us by email to