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Famous streets of Dubai


05 Feb 2022

The city of Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent decades and welcomes many tourists from all over the world every year. The city has famous and unique streets that have many attractions such as entertainment, shopping, and shopping centers. In this article, we will introduce the most famous streets of Dubai. Visit the following streets during your trip to Dubai.

1. Sheikh Zayed Street

Skyscrapers surround this famous street. In addition, there are famous shopping malls on this street. This street runs parallel to the coastline from the city center to Abu Dhabi. This street was called Defense Street before the inauguration of the President of the UAE, but with his inauguration, it became known as today. This street, which is considered to be the most famous, connects Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Palm. This street has seven routes and many flyovers in each part of it. Among its different parts:

* The roundabout is the World Trade Center, which leads to Garbage Park and Etihad House.
* The first bridge of this street also leads to Dubai shopping malls and the famous Khalifa Tower.
* The second communication bridge: towards Hadigheh Road and Safa Park.
* The third and fourth communication bridges: to Al-Qawz and water parks, Almas, Tala and Burj Al Arab, respectively.
This street also leads to Jabal Ali, where many attractions such as shopping malls, towers such as Jumeirah, Al-Ghadir, Relax, Angasa, etc. can be seen, which rightly ranks this street in the list of the most famous streets. Dubai put

Al-Raqqa Street in the Deira area

One of the most famous streets in Dubai is Al-Raqqa Street. This street is one of the oldest streets in Dubai. Deira is one of the most important areas of Dubai and is located in the east of the city. The juxtaposition of perfume shops, spice shops and gold shops is one of the special features of this place, because it brings together a combination of traditional Arab lifestyle and modern style and gives a different look to this street. Is. In the past, the Deira district was known as the economic, commercial, and commercial center of Dubai, but with the passage of time and changes, today it is more commonly referred to as the historic district.

The Deira Clock Tower, one of the oldest historical monuments in Dubai, is located on this street and many hotels, cafes and restaurants surround Al-Raqqa Street. In addition, holding Dubai shopping festivals in al-Raqqa neighborhoods is another attraction of this old street, which is well received by tourists. It should be noted that most hotels, restaurants Locations, entertainment venues and shopping malls are located in the western part of Deira. One of the largest shopping malls in Dubai, the City Center Deira, is also located in this area.

In Deira area, you can stay in any luxury hotel such as Hyatt Regency Dubai, Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers, Flora Park Deluxe Hotel and experience a dream trip. Of course, the positive point is that if you are looking for a hotel with a reasonable price, you can find such accommodations in this area.

Jumeirah Street and District

The reason for naming the Jumeirah region with this name is due to the presence of sands and beautiful sands that are used in the decoration of its recreational areas, and it is considered one of the most expensive areas of Dubai and has the famous Arab towers. . Its famous street is named after this area and the beautiful Al-Jumeirah Mosque is located in it and it is one of the most famous streets in Dubai. The most famous hotels and accommodations are located in this street and area.

Al-Barsha region

The area is located between Sheikh Zayed Highway and Mohammed bin Zayed Highway and is close to Dubai Internet City, Dubai Marina and Dubai Palm. Al Barsha is a quiet and luxurious area and has a smaller population than other parts of Dubai and is the best place for tourists and travelers to stay, which is one of the famous streets of Dubai. This area has one villa and one larger apartment. Al Barsha First, Al Barsha Second, Al Barsha Third, Al Barsha South One, Al Barsha South Two and Al Barsha South Three are different parts of this region. Al-Barsha attractions include numerous parks, the Emirates Mall, as well as the Dubai Ski Resort and Autodrome.


This street is also named after its neighborhood, Downtown. There are many tourist attractions, including the towers and safe skyscrapers of Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa and Vista Tower, shopping malls and famous Dubai waterfalls, and this street has become one of the most famous streets in Dubai. Burj Khalifa It is the largest building built on this street in Dubai and cost $ 1.5 trillion to build. Dubai is located.

In addition, Dubai Mall is located on this street, which is ranked first in the list of the largest shopping malls in the world with 1,200 stores. The Dubai Fountain was built at a cost of two hundred and seventeen million dollars, which was actually designed by an American architect, and is decorated with more than 6,000 thousand lights and attractive music. In addition to the above, the old two-story tram of this street has raised the position of this area and the street among the most famous streets of Dubai.

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