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Experiences life in Dubai


04 Jun 2022

Do you have the experience of living in Dubai? Dubai can be described as one of the largest and most luxurious cities in the middle East, where life is very interesting and exciting. This city is one of the most special and unique cities in the Middle East and that is why many immigrants live in this city. It is interesting to note that about 80% of Dubai’s population are immigrants, which is a record. Living in Dubai or living in the UAE, in general, can be an exciting experience, and therefore many people want to get complete information about this city.


What you will read here

Dubai is the largest and most important city in the UAE, located in the southeast of the Persian Gulf and can be considered one of the largest commercial centers in the Middle East. The city’s economy is very favorable due to oil extraction and international trade.

Of course, it can be said that by having a good job, you can afford expensive expenses. Abu Dhabi is another important city in the UAE. Life in Abu Dhabi can also be very enjoyable. It is the second most populous city in the UAE after Dubai. It is an island city that is very similar to the letter T. Abu Dhabi has about 2/3 of the UAE economy and is therefore an important city for the UAE after Dubai.

Sharjah and Ajman are other important cities of the Emirate whose economy is improving day by day. Today, these cities can be included in the list of the top 100 cities in the world. Due to the high migration of tourists and immigrants to these cities to stay in the UAE, these two cities will soon become one of the most famous and important cities in the world. In general, it can be said that the UAE government has been able to make important and fundamental changes for the country by changing its policies. This makes the UAE one of the best countries in the Middle East to live in. The UAE is a country with red, green, white and black flags with an area of ​​83,600 km. The currency of this country is the emirate dirham. The country is made up of 7 small sheikhdoms, which are:

Each of these emirates has a very high degree of independence and among them an emir acts as the ruler of the country. Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the head of the UAE and the ruler of Abu Dhabi. Among the cities of the UAE, Dubai can be considered one of the most important and richest. The currency of this city follows the UAE and its unit is the UAE Dirham. The city has an area of ​​4,114 square kilometers, where important jobs and businesses operate. The unique facilities of this city make life in Dubai very pleasant. Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the emir and king of Dubai, who is called the architect of Dubai, who has made many positive changes. Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum is another influential figure in Dubai who has been active as the Crown Prince of Dubai.

Life in Dubai and the habits you will find in Dubai

Living in Dubai is not a normal life and can be quite expensive, from eating on a normal day to a tour of a Dubai mall like Dubai Mall is like living in a normal city. Living in Dubai will engage you with habits that will surprise even you. Living in Dubai 8 will engage your character habits.

Habits of living in Dubai: Complaining about the weather - It does not matter what the weather is like:

There are no thresholds for exposure to hot Dubai air to adapt to the intense heat of Dubai. No matter what the temperature is and what time of year we are in, you will always complain about the temperature. Of course, do not be afraid of the heat of Dubai, in this luxury city, the number of ways to escape the heat of Dubai is not small. We have already provided an article to guide you to Dubai

Habits of living in Dubai: Running away from the sun

Yes, right at the beginning of your trip in Dubai, you will surely enjoy all the sunlight in this luxury city and spend your travel days with the Dubai tour under the golden sun on the beaches of Dubai. But this is not the case for those who have stayed in this city long enough! Dubai residents are tired of the sun and are trying to escape the scorching sun to find shade and escape the heat of Dubai.

Habits of living in Dubai: Collecting perfume under various pretexts

If we say that everyone in Dubai loves perfume, we are not saying it in vain, after a short stay in Dubai, you will also become obsessed with it! You have a habit of having a special perfume for everything, for going to shows, for gatherings and for dinner; Because at least here in Dubai, people praise your choice of perfume! Hence, the most popular shops in Dubai shopping malls are perfume shops and cologne brands.

Habits of living in Dubai: Do not shake hands when greeting

Due to local culture and Islamic tradition, people usually do not touch the opposite sex and do not have any physical contact. Therefore, when you meet a new person, people subconsciously know that they should not shake hands. You can follow the etiquette of socializing with the people of Dubai in the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Dubai.

Hugging and kissing can be found in meeting women
However, if a woman greets another friend, they will greet each other with a long hug and give each other a lot of kisses.

Habits of living in Dubai: Waiting to open

This habit may seem a little arrogant, but the habit of waiting for the person who opens the door for you is a common habit among Dubai residents. In Dubai, there are always people who open the door for you in buildings, taxis or rooms. . So getting in the habit of always expecting someone to open the door for you is not too far off the mark.

Habits of living in Dubai: Going on a steady path in the Dubai market

Dubai Bazaar is very large (it is actually the largest market in the world) and when you visit it, you get used to having a convenient way for you and your friends and you take it, you go straight to the shops you want. Wandering is not aimless and it does not make sense to get lost, most residents have a familiar route that never leaves the Dubai market.

Habits of living in Dubai: Abaya use on pajamas

Abaya (traditional black and long dress worn by women) is a common sight in every corner. Even women who do not live in the UAE wear it, and it is a habit we all wish we did not have, because we used to be embarrassed that someone accidentally saw our pajamas, but abaya is a great way to make a living. Comfort is very tempting.

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