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Everything you need to buy from Dubai Mall


08 Dec 2021

Being one of the largest mall in the world, one can never have a dull or boring moment here. this masterfully crafted colossal structure is more than just a mega mall or a place to shop. so we have complied the everything you need buy from Dubai mall and what you can do there.

What you can buy in Dubai Mall

you can find every thing in Dubai Mall, all brands have a store in Dubai mall. cloths, electronic device, shoes and everything that you might need. in addition you will find so many restaurant and even cinema there. that is the biggest mall in the world and you can’t to visit it completely in one day. so we offer you something that you shouldn’t loose there. it is not matter what kind of style that you use you absolutely will find something for your style.

If you are in Dubai Mall surly visit Chanel store. you will find so many things in this store for buy .

Don’t loose ice cream and restaurant in Dubai mall.even if you don’t buy something try to eat Arabic food and ice cream there then you will forget all taste that you eaten so far. they have amazing testing.

Buy a beautiful Arab cloth. they have a special dresses that is so cool. when you wear that you feel cold even in the hot summer of Dubai.


Everything you need to buy from Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

the Dubai Mall was you by hosting the second largest aquarium in the world. it is gigantic 10 million tank is home to marine creature comprising over 140 species. view a part of this aquarium for free or pay to crass 48-metre long aquarium tunnel through the tank. other distinct activities include snorkeling, glass boat ride and diving with sharks.

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