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Dubai World Village


22 Dec 2021

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Dubai is the Dubai Global Village, a unique attraction established in Dubai in 1997 that has fascinated tourists ever since. Dubai World Village is like a town where booths from many countries around the world have been set up in the form of famous buildings of their country and with their own culture and tradition, and you, the visitors of this village, have the opportunity to see many famous buildings of the world. Watch from 32 different countries in Dubai and in these booths which are built in the form of important buildings of different countries; You can see and buy all kinds of souvenirs, clothes, food, handicrafts, and other products from countries around the world, so a wide range of tourists who have traveled to Dubai are interested in the global village.

Also, the most diverse entertainment facilities, entertainment, fun and exciting programs, celebrations for children and adults are waiting for you in this area, and another reason why tourists choose the Dubai World Village is that with its culture and The customs of the people of Dubai and other countries and nations are closely acquainted, stay tuned.

Dubai World Village is like a town where symbols of different countries from all over the world are set up in booths in the shape of their country’s famous buildings and are exposed to the public. Visitors and travelers from all over the world, especially tourists in this village can see many world famous buildings from 32 different countries in Dubai and get acquainted with the customs and culture of countries, especially the people of Dubai, and in these booths Buy all kinds of souvenirs and traditional accessories for each country, which are made in the form of important buildings of countries.
Therefore, many tourists are interested in the world village and you see them busy photographing and shopping. It is also located in this area for tourists and travelers, and another reason why tourists are interested in the Dubai World Village and choose the World Village in Dubai Travel Planning is the same breadth and diversity in this village. Remember that this place is a cultural, artistic, historical, recreational and commercial center of different countries of the world.

Different parts of Dubai Global Village World Village

As mentioned above, in this collection, the booths of 32 countries are displayed in the Dubai World Village, and you can also see the booths and parts representing each country in different places of this Dubai World Village. Visit them and get to know them closely; Given that the number of these countries is very large, the following are just a few of the countries present in the Dubai World Village:

United Arab Emirates section
In this complex, you can easily recognize the UAE pavilion from a short distance, because its buildings are built entirely in ancient Arabic architecture, the main feature of which is the protrusion of beams from its walls, around which are columnar and turret buildings. There are circles that are made of raw bricks and it is very attractive, and if you pass in front of the door of the UAE, you can easily feel the smell of incense and Arabic perfumes! In this booth, you can see and buy very popular and quality Arabic perfumes and oils that are souvenirs of Dubai, and you can also find small paintings and Arabic dishes that are like oil lamps and Also buy Arabic hookahs as souvenirs.

Qatar Special Section
Qatar’s special and popular part of Dubai World Village can be easily identified from a distance, because its special Arabic and traditional architecture is quite clear, because like the United Arab Emirates, it has buildings with round towers, attractive and airy. It is an interesting skylight that has unique edges with a special design, and on the other side of the entrance of the beautiful part of Qatar, it is built in the form of Islamic and unique architecture of the city of Qatar, which will fascinate you. In addition to getting acquainted with the history and culture of the Qatari people, buy their souvenirs, such as paintings, calligraphy and photographs, and finally know that the Qatari part, in addition to traditional architecture, has a decoration with modern architecture and a booth. Qatar is located next to the Bahrain Pavilion in the Dubai World Village.

Bahrain Special Unit
The Bahrain booth is located right in the middle of the Middle East in the Dubai World Village, where you can see and buy all the souvenirs and cultural products of the Arab countries, as well as the attractive architecture of the buildings and the interior layout of Bahrain. Like the rest of the Arab countries, it has Arabic architecture with a cream and light colored building, next to which there are also windbreaks and skylights that reflect their culture, and in addition, most of the doors in the buildings of Bahrain are very attractive and popular. Of course, do not forget that in the Bahrain pavilion, be sure to taste Arabic food such as shawarma and falafel, because it is unique.

Special section of Kuwait
As you probably know, since Kuwait is one of the richest countries, the Kuwait booth in the World Village of Dubai is built in a special, enclosing, very large and beautiful way, and includes a building with a light wall, a part with a new design and a part with It is a large ship that has doubled its beauty; In addition, this part has booths of shops as well as their traditional food shops, and in the special part of Kuwait, in addition to enjoying its architecture and interior design, it is also very beautiful, and you who are interested can go on the ship and take a lot of souvenir photos in it. Take it and enjoy that this can be very interesting for your children, so do not miss visiting the Kuwait booth in any way, and in addition, in another part, there are concentrated Arabic perfumes and incense for sale, which is very pleasing to the Iranians. It does not come, but it is very popular with the Arabs, and you can clearly see Kuwaiti and Arabic jewelry at the Kuwait Booth in the World Village of Dubai.

Special section of Syria
The beautiful and special part of Syria is located right next to the Palestine pavilion in the World Village of Dubai, and this pavilion has the beautiful architecture of the ancient Mesopotamia and Damascus region, and at first glance you can feel the difference with the other pavilions, as well as the color. The special features of the main door bricks are clearly identifiable, and note that the Syrian pavilion is a miniature version of the old Hamidiyeh Bazaar in Damascus. There are dry, traditional Syrian baklava, paintings and calligraphy artwork, handicrafts, special furniture as well as clothes made of yarn that are very comfortable that you can buy, as well as delicious local food from Syria and the Mediterranean region. Becomes.

Special section for Turkey
In the Turkish pavilion in the World Village of Dubai, you can see buildings and decors with special architecture taken from the traditions and culture of Turkey from the Ottoman and Seljuk eras, which are well designed and inside you can find many products of handicrafts. Turkey, such as beautiful glassware, Turkish home clothes, ceramics painted in attractive and cheerful colors, as well as a variety of very tasty and traditional Turkish dishes such as baklava and jam; Of course, do not forget that there is a very funny and interesting shop in this part of Dubai World Village, which is an ice cream shop that has its own difficulties in getting ice cream from ice cream shops.
Special section for Russia
The lovely section for Russia also has its own fans and is located right near the main door of the first booths of the Dubai World Village and is also one of the largest booths in this complex where you can buy many products. And that the products and goods that can be bought here mostly include Russian sculptures that are nested, as well as Russian spoons and dishes that are very beautiful, and besides these, sculptures of famous Russian personalities and clothes. Their funny place is also for sale here, and all the decor buildings of the Russian pavilion are built in the form of the ancient buildings of the Tsar of Russia, which are worth visiting.
Eastern European booth
From the beginning, the World Village has hosted products from Eastern Europe and has always been the most prestigious industry and tobacco from Romania, Ukraine and Serbia. These booths are very welcoming to visitors who have come to Global Village to learn about the traditions and culture of Eastern European countries.
Egypt Booth
The Egyptian pavilion is a pavilion with more than 100 exhibitors of handicrafts, copper utensils, ancient handicrafts, cotton clothes, traditional Egyptian clothes (Jalabiyah) and national and local clothes. There is also a market for Egyptian-Ottoman-designed home appliances, as well as lighting products and Egyptian-style chandeliers, at the Egyptian booth in Dubai World Village.

Dubai World Village Hours

Saturday to Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 12 pm.
Thursday, Friday and other public holidays from 3:30 pm to 1 pm.

World Village entrance ticket price

The entrance ticket for Global Village is 15 dirhams per person, which can be purchased both online and on-site.

Dubai World Village Entertainment

Dubai World Village is full of fun and joy, and you dear ones will watch all kinds of architectural styles of the world in a unique collection that will completely surprise you, and you will surely like to take photos of all the arafa and have a souvenir.
Surely you like to buy souvenirs from all over the world and yet Global Village entertainment does not end here, in Global Village there is an attractive Dubai amusement park with exciting equipment such as a carousel that will keep you entertained and also There is a water canal in the village yard where yachts pass and you can have fun. There is also an exciting stage in the Club Village grounds that attracts many tourists every night with happy battles for children and adults.
In Global Village, in addition to pavilions related to countries, some of the world famous buildings such as: Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, London Clock, Burj Khalifa, Acropolis, Pisa Tower, Russian domes, Taj Mahal Mosque, etc. are miniature reconstructions The collection of these well-known buildings together and their lighting will definitely create an extraordinary atmosphere for you and your esteemed family.

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