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Dubai Public Transportation Guide


21 Dec 2021

Dubai is one of the most beautiful and modern cities in the world and a trip to this city will surely create unforgettable memories for you. To get acquainted with the whole of Dubai, you can read the travel guide to Dubai article on the Emiratesevisa blog.

One of the most important issues in traveling to Dubai is intercity transportation. There are two ways to get around Dubai, either take the subway or take a taxi. Of course, if you have an international license, you can rent a car, which we will talk about in a separate post.
Dubai Metro is open from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. Dubai Metro has 2 lines: red line and green line. The red line is 52 km long and has 29 stations that connect the Rashida area in the east of Dubai to the Jabal Ali area in the west. Most of the length of this route is an overpass, but in some parts it is underground. You can use this line to access shopping malls and airports.

A few tips for using the subway in Dubai

  • Everyone must have a subway card for themselves and two people can not use one card at a time.
  • It is better to use a silver colored card to use the subway. The price of the card itself is 5 dirhams and you can recharge it. In this method, depending on the distance traveled, the amount of your card charge will be reduced according to the distance traveled. If you charge more than you need, at the end of the trip, the remaining amount will be refunded from your card, except for the 5 dirhams you paid for the card itself. You can use this card again on future trips or you can give it to friends and acquaintances who plan to travel to Dubai.
  • If you only want to take the subway one day, use the red one-day cards. The price of these cards is 16 dirhams and their validity period is one day. Regardless of the distance traveled, you can use the subway with this card indefinitely in one day.

What is forbidden and fined in Dubai Metro?

Chewing gum and eating and drinking are prohibited on the Dubai Metro. Failure to do so will result in a fine of 100 dirhams. There is also a fine of 500 dirhams for putting your foot on the seats and 1000 dirhams for pulling the emergency brake for no reason, which they receive from the passenger in case of a violation inside the car. Snoozing and sleeping are also prohibited on the subway and are fined 500 dirhams.

Dubai Metro Map

Airport Terminal 1 and Airport Terminal 2: Dubai Airport is very large and the distance between the terminals is very large. Travel agencies have their own transfers from the airport and vice versa, but travelers who have purchased a Dubai visa ticket and are traveling on their own or have a transit ticket from Dubai Airport can use the Dubai Metro. Dubai Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 stations are on the same red line starting from Rashidia.

Deira City Senter Station: The popular shopping center of Iranians, ie City Center, is located in this station and has a way to enter the shopping center right inside the station and you can find its entrance with the help of signs and guidelines. This is an underground station, and if you go up the stairs, you will see the DAY TO DAY store on the street right in front of the new branch station.

Al Rigga Station: This station, as its name implies, is on Raqqa Street. There are many Chinese shops in Raqqa Street. Also, this street has busy nights and many night programs are performed on it.

Union Station: This station is very close to the city center and Jamal or Beniyas Square. It is easy to reach Jamal, which is one of the old neighborhoods of the city. Murshid Bazaar is in Sabkheh, which has several streets and shopping malls. The famous gold and spices market is also in Sabcheh.

Khalid Bin Waleed Station: It is a famous street where all banks have branches and that is why it is also known as BANK STREET. There are also two well-known computer equipment sales centers on this street, called “Khalij Center” and “Al-Ain Center”, which are located at the intersection of Khalid Ibn Walid and Makhul Street. In continuation of Khalid Ibn Walid, there is a street called Al-Fahidi, which is a center for selling audio, video and electrical appliances. On the other side of the street, there is a line of cloth sellers.

Karameh Station: Karameh area is full of clothes, bags and shoes stores that have a variety of quality and prices.

Al-Jafliyah Station: From this station, after getting off, after a short walk, you will reach Zabeel Park, which is located inside Zabeel Mansion.
World Trade Center Station: Around this station is full of skyscrapers and towering towers. Recently, many Iranian concerts have been held in the halls of this street.
Financial Center Station: This station is mostly used by merchants. Rose Basil and Rotana Towers hotels are within walking distance of this station.

Dubai Mall Station: From this station you can easily go to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.
Al-Khaleej Al-Tajjari Station: If you get off at this station and cross the bridge above the highway, there is Safa Park on the other side of the highway, which is a beautiful park. Behind this park is Al-Wasl Street. If you want to go to Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Safaba Park is nearby. Of course, you have to take a taxi between the two parks, but it costs much less than when you take a taxi from the city center to Jumeirah.

Emirates Mall Station: This station belongs to the Emirates Mall Shopping Mall, which is a famous shopping center with a variety of large and expensive brands in the world. There is also a SKY DUBAI indoor ski slope inside the mall. It is cheaper to take a taxi from this station to Medina Jumeirah. Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Street, Mina Salam Hotel and Jumeirah Hotel are also close to Jumeirah Medina.
Sharaf DG and Dubai Internet

City Stations: This station is located in the university campus of the city and is not used by tourists and is more suitable for students of different universities located in Dubai.

Nakheel Station: This station is close to the famous artificial island of Dubai called Dubai Palm or Dubai Palm. Dubai Palm is home to the Arab and European aristocratic villas of Dubai. The famous Atlantis Hotel is also located at the end of the palm.

Dubai Marina Station: If you get off at this station and take the other side of the freeway, you will reach JBR along the way, which is a public and free beach and is surrounded by tall towers, cafes and restaurants, where evenings are located around high-end cars. Is. There are two ways to reach this area; Or after leaving the station, go to the other side of the highway and walk for 15 minutes, or take a taxi for 10 dirhams and tell it to take you to JBR

Ibn Battuta Metro Station: Right in front of this station is the traditional Ibn Battuta Bazaar. To go to Ibn Battuta Bazaar, it is not necessary to cross the highway, because you can enter Ibn Battuta Bazaar from inside the station hall.

Dubai Taxis

Dubai is not a pedestrian-friendly city, and taxis are the best way to travel around the city if your destination or departure point is not close to a metro station. They are controlled by the government and must have a taxi meter. Taxis are relatively cheap compared to other cities. Drivers are very polite and must have acceptable English.

Taxi companies - reservation phone numbers

Taxis work with Dubai Taxi Company (Dubai Taxi), although this company has the right to lend taxis to other companies. All official taxis have a cream body rank; And their ceilings vary from company to company.

Taxi fare or cost depends on reading the meter during your trip. The starting fee is 4 dirhams and the cost of passing through each toll gate is 4 dirhams. Tolls are usually paid in cash, although NOL cards and credit cards are accepted. The NOL Card and Credit Card add to the additional costs of AED 1 and AED 2, respectively. In addition to the above, you can pay for your trip through coupons issued by the Dubai Taxi Agency or companies such as Nissan Exhibition, etc. Where the fare is higher than the value of the coupon, you can balance cash. You should know that Dubai taxis have private taxis for families. These taxis can accommodate 7 people. There is also a special taxi service called the Hala Taxi, which you can only take by phone.

Getting a taxi

You can take a taxi on the roads, notable places such as Dubai International Airport, Dubai Metro stations and major shopping malls. Also through the mobile app and if there is a queue you have to wait and take a taxi.

Reaching the destination

Most taxi drivers are immigrants. This means that many of them may not be proficient in speaking English, and this means that your communication with the driver (just might) be a hassle. Regardless, driving to the destination usually begins with a milestone. If you do not know your surroundings, you can tell your host to help with the driver’s guidance. Or you can help with a navigation system like Google Maps and RTA Smart Drive.

A guide to using a taxi in Dubai

You can request a receipt while taking a taxi in Dubai. Just tell the driver: Fish. He realizes it himself. These plugs are useful so that if you leave a device in the taxi, you can find it through the plug. Taxi fares in Dubai are expensive. The cost of entering the taxi is only 3 dirhams and the rest of the route is calculated with a taxi meter. Cream taxis are cheaper than other taxis.

You can not take these metro routes to Dubai and you must take a taxi: Mercato, Zoo, Medina Al Jumeirah, Wild Wadi Water Park, Burj Al Arab entrance, Jumeirah Beach Park, Nakhl Dubai or Atlantis Hotel. To reduce the cost of your taxi, you can take the subway to nearby stations and take a taxi the rest of the way.

Internet taxis in Dubai

You can use these services individually or in groups. The most important of which are the following:

1. Uber: Uber is one of the most popular online taxis around the world, operating in more than 67 countries. Dubai is one of these countries.

2- Careem: Using the Karim application, you can easily travel in Dubai.

Monorail in Dubai

Monorail is one of the Dubai transportation methods that has only one specific route; Travel to Palm Jumeirah Island. This is the first monorail in the Middle East that you might be interested to know that it cost 4.1 billion dirhams to build. This monorail will help you a lot, especially if you are staying at the Atlantis Hotel.

For a one-way ticket, it is about 30 thousand Tomans and for a two-way ticket, it is about 45 thousand Tomans. It should be noted that this monorail operates seven days a week from 8 am to 10 pm and has a capacity of 40,000 passengers.

Water transportation in Dubai

If you want to move through the waters of Dubai, you have several varied and of course exciting ways:
1- Blue buses
This exciting bus has the same appearance as intercity buses, except that it travels between sea waves. But this bus is not limited to the sea. In fact, the Dubai Blue Bus starts on land and ends at sea; Just like a frog.

2- Blue taxis
Ebras or water taxis are traditional wooden boats in Dubai. These boats have a capacity of 20 people and move in two directions:
The first route: This route is from “Ebra” to the old market of Deira.
Second route: This route is from the old bazaar of Deira to Al-Sabkha area.

The Dubai Tram

Dubai Tram is a rail transportation system very similar to Dubai Metro. It covers a completely different path. The tram is as comfortable as the subway. They have really similar features like free WiFi, air conditioning, automatic doors, touch tips, dedicated wheelchair space, screens for displaying relevant information. Despite these similarities, the tram needs a driver, unlike the subway. The tram route is simple. Walk around Dubai Marina, head to Al Sufouh, passing the following stations: Tram Station 1, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Tram Station 2, Jumeirah Beach, Tram Station 3, Jumeirah Lake, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Marina Towers, Media City, Palm Jumeirah, Mina Seyahi, Knowledge Village. The maximum waiting time for a tram is 6 minutes. Note that the Dubai Tramway connects to Dubai Metro at the Dubai Marina Station and the Jumeirah Lake Towers at the Palm Jumeirah Tram Station.

Dubai Electric Trolley

Dubai city center is one of the best areas of Dubai. Some see it as the magic pole of Dubai’s past, some as the heart of the city. Previous impressions are understandable because Dubai city center hosts some of Dubai’s best attractions such as the world’s tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa), one of the world’s largest shopping malls (Dubai Mall) and the world’s tallest fountain (Dubai Fountain). A great way to explore downtown Dubai for free is to use the Dubai Trolley. This well-stocked trolley covers almost the entire center of Dubai and takes you on a great mix of red and gold. Take you to some of Dubai’s glamorous scenery. Interesting thing about this unique transport designed exclusively for Emaar and the world’s first all-hydrogen-powered trolley system. Dubai, owned by Emaar Properties, is a tram system that runs only in downtown Dubai. Using a two-story open tram, it transports people to downtown Dubai, with a 7-kilometer loop that covers a total area of ​​500 hectares. Dubai Trolley travels at an operating speed of 10 km / h. Each trolley can easily move fifty (50) passengers with open seating or decoration (upstairs), air-conditioned seating options to their favorite locations.

Dubai Trolley Route:

Starting from Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, the trolley covers a 7-kilometer ring covering a total area of 500 hectares in downtown Dubai. In this way, it allows you to enjoy the sights of downtown Dubai – for example, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Souk Al Bahar

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