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Dubai entertainment prices


14 Dec 2021

Dubai is a city of fun and entertainment, most people who buy Dubai visas go for sightseeing in this city, but as you must have heard, entertainment in Dubai is not cheap and most of the money that tourists take with them is entertainment. here we have Dubai entertainment price.

Price of entertainment in Dubai Water Park

Since Dubai is a city with a hot climate, water parks have always been one of the best for recreation, so it is recommended to know the entrance price of water parks for more accurate planning so that you do not incur any costs. Do not be in trouble. Admission fees for the famous Dubai Water Park are as follows:
Ticket price for Wild Wadi Dubai Water Park:
Entrance ticket price for those taller than 1.10 meters: 336 AED.
Entrance ticket price for those less than 1.10 meters: 284 AED
Atlantis Dubai Water Park ticket price: 320 AED (in summer 98 this ticket has a 20% discount)
Iceland water park ticket price: 75 dirhams

Visit Burj Khalifa Dubai

It is Dubai and a caliphate tower is known by its name in the world, the tallest tower that has been the pride of the people of the UAE for many years. If you travel to Dubai, you will dedicate some of your trip to visiting the Burj Khalifa, which you must also spend part of your budget to visit.
Right in front of the Burj Khalifa is a musical fountain, which also holds the record for the largest waterfall in the world, but it is completely free to watch, but to visit the Burj Khalifa, you have to enter, which is as follows:
Visit the 124, 125, and 148: 370 AED floors
Walking in the special part of the musical fountain: 141 AED
Starting price of visiting Dubai Fountain: from 68.25 AED up
Watching the sunrise and breakfast in Burj Khalifa: 141 UAE dirhams
Entrance of Burj Khalifa visit platform: 370 UAE dirhams

Dubai entertainment prices

The cost of visiting the Dubai Flower Garden

Dubai Flower Garden is one of the wonders of this city that has many fans. It has made this flower garden in the middle of a desert city that is not suitable for this climate and this makes it interesting for foreign tourists and in List to be listed. Places to see their favorite. If you would like to visit the Miracle Garden or the Dubai Flower Garden, visit it as follows:
Admission ticket for adults: 40 AED
Entrance ticket to Miracle Garden for children: 30 AED

The cost of visiting the Ferrari amusement park

Ferrari World is also one of the entertainment centers that travelers to Dubai visit. Do not forget that this amusement park is in Abu Dhabi and is not located in Dubai, but due to its great, extraordinary and numerous fame, many Iranians go to Abu Dhabi during their trip to Dubai and use it as well. Leisure costs are not low in this place and you recommend that you plan to pay for it before visiting it.
Adult entrance ticket price 295 AED
The entrance ticket price for children is 230 AED
Of course, I have to mention that to use many of the games in this amusement park, you have to pay a separate fee and you have to pay, it does not mean that you can use all the equipment of Ferrari World amusement park as much as you can.

Dubai entertainment prices

Note that another important entertainment in Dubai is sightseeing in shopping malls and markets, which is topped by visiting Dubai Mall, which is free of charge. Of course, if you want to use restaurants in Dubai or entertainment centers inside shopping malls, you have to pay a separate fee.

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