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Dubai Dinosaur Park


04 Jan 2022

Dubai Dinosaur Park is the first of its kind in the UAE with 100 life-size dinosaur models. Some of these dinosaurs are able to move due to special effects. If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, do not miss this opportunity. But this is not just about taking selfies with fantastic prehistoric creatures. Dubai Dinosaur Park is an entertainment center for children and adults where they can learn everything about these creatures that once lived on the planet.
There is also a place that shows the life stages of dinosaurs from the time they hatched into eggs and become fossils. You can also learn about the differences between jaws and teeth between carnivores and vegetarians. You can even understand what the footprint of any particular species tells you about that species.

Then head to the Dinosaur Museum for more visuals of the countless species that once ruled the Earth and see how these dinosaurs became extinct. Children can also play and feed smaller dinosaurs in the artificial zoo! There are other very interesting and fun activities. Overall, a great activity for kids and families in Dubai.

Dubai Garden Grove Park Get to know the different sections of Dubai Glow Garden

Know that Dubai Throat Garden with a total of 9 attractive and exciting sections welcomes you dear visitors and in this part we want to go to the attractive parts of this park and we will find out what is inside the Dubai Throat Garden!

Glow Park

Welcome to the main and important part of the Garden Grove complex, namely Noor Park! This vast park is created by the juxtaposition of 5 attractive lighting sections with various beautiful themes. In the first and second sections, you will see bright and attractive shapes that together try to convey messages such as: respect Land, save energy resources, preserve wildlife and reduce waste, etc., and in the third part, which is the newer part of the park, you will see giant and luminous statues that take you on a magical adventure. In the underwater world, it invites you not to miss it, and in the fourth part, which is called Glowing Safari, it will take you to a different safari in Dubai, and finally, the fifth and newer part of “Light Park” called “Art Park” Or Art Park “is known to the general public and has various and unique attractions, and it is important to know that while visiting the sections of Noor Park, in addition to the colorful and beautiful lights of this section, playing music will also take you to this Visiting accompanies which makes the atmosphere happier.

Dinosaur Park

One of the most controversial and exciting parts of the Garden of Throats is called “Dinosaur Park”, what excites you when you enter this garden is the existence of giant dinosaur robots that look like dinosaurs. They are simulated and if you drown a little, you can easily believe in their existence and be afraid of them because they are all real, and the charm of Dinosaur Park is not limited to these attractive robots, because you can in Provide useful and attractive information to your children while having fun, and in a subtle way, it will also have an educational aspect for them. See their main dimensions and note that in the dinosaur park: there are two sections called the laboratory and the dinosaur museum, where you will learn about dinosaur life in the laboratory, and in the museum you can see the simulated skeletons of dinosaurs. And enjoy.

Magical Nights

Magical nights are also one of the new and beautiful parts of the Garden of Throats, where you will see giant lanterns and eye-catching lights, and after passing the beautiful lanterns, you will reach the simulated landscapes of nature and the luminous statues of animals. It doubles its charm.

Colorful World

The colorful world is just the place to splash your throat at your night’s garden visit! By entering this section, you will see large buckets of light and color that are trying to give color and spirit to the park, and they have succeeded in fairness. It can be mentioned that lasers accompany light dance.

Happiness Street

One of the streets in Dubai that was chosen by this name last year and has become a news item is Shadi Street, and the officials of Dubai decided to do this to promote this happiness and have done their best to The field to walk and grow in line with international standards, and that the Garden of Throats, to support this effort, has named one of the parts of the garden called Shadi Street, and in this part with statues of some happy and dancing people You will see and in the continuation of other parts of this collection, including: My Dubai dub (#MyDubai), Sea World, Happy Forest, each of which has its own charms and beauties.

Access and route to visit Dubai Glow Garden

To access this beautiful complex called Garden Glu, we must say that it is 11 km away from the city center and is located in Zabil Park, and you can use the bus or taxi to visit Garden Glo, and if the bus is the first choice You have reached the station of one of the buses 27, 29, 55 and 61 in Dubai, and if you do not like to use Dubai public transport, all you have to do is take a taxi in Dubai easily and tell the driver your destination. And note that the entrance fee for Dubai taxis is 12 UAE dirhams and about 2 UAE dirhams per kilometer will be added to your fare.

Admission fee to Dubai Glu Garden Collection

Adult ticket for Noor Park + Dinosaur Park + Art Park: 65 UAE dirhams

Adult ticket for ice park: 45 UAE dirhams

Children up to 3 years: free

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