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Cheapest hotels in Dubai in 2022


27 Nov 2021

We have all heard about the unique hotels in Dubai. These hotels have a wide range from luxury hotels in Jumeirah Beach to three star hotels in Dubai. But the word three-star may deceive you. Even the three-star hotels in Dubai have extraordinary facilities that make travelers feel comfortable. that’s 10 top hotels in Dubai. our list is sorted by cost and you can find luxury or normal hotels here and choose one of them recording your budget. one of the most popular questions we receive is where to receive in Dubai on budget and you want to get good value and save some money. So let’s go

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number one is Rove Hotels. they are very modern stylish, they’re conveniently located in the central neighborhoods. they have easy access to the metro. they have good coffee, high-speed WiFi. their rooms are very big, spacious, modern. in addition, they have facilities: gym, pool, meeting rooms. it is a great option to stay from both a single traveler and for the families.

Cheapest hotels in Dubai in 2021


It is a group of well-known budget hotels across the world. there are eight of them in Dubai and most of them near the metro station. they have a branch next to the Mall of the Emirates. it is one of the biggest malls in Dubai, you can go shopping, they have Ski Dubai, a cinema. if you want to go to the beach you can just take a metro and go to the JPR and it will take you around 15 minutes. it’s a public beach there is a Dubai marina very beautiful area. so check it out.

3-Somewhere hotel apartments

It’s located opposite Deira city center and the metro station is right next to the hotel. so it’s very convenient for you to move around. they have an outdoor pool, fitness center and this hotel is located just 10 minutes from the airport.

4- Signature 1 hotel Tecom

It’s located not far from the Mall of the Emirates and not far from Ibis hotel and as we said only 15 minutes away from the public beach from JBR. they have an outdoor pool, fitness facility. so it is another good option where to stay if you are on the budget.

Cheapest hotels in Dubai in 2021-min (1)

5- Tryp by Wyndham

Another hotel in the same Tecom area is called Tryp by Wyndham. it is a little bit more expensive than the previous option but it’s also a great, modern, stylish hotel they have rooms for different needs.

That’s another great option to stay in Premiere INN hotel which is used to even Battuta mall and metro station by which it will take you only five minutes to get to Dubai marina one of the prominent locations by metro and it will take around 25 minutes to get to downtown Dubai where you see Burji khalifa. even Battuta mall is considered as an interaction in itself it is a beautiful state shopping center in Dubai. the hotel offers an outdoor pool, gym, coffee shop and it has a restaurant that serves the Mediterranean refer for breakfast. 


This hotel is located in Deira only 5 minutes walk from the metro station there is nothing attractive in this area but you can find some great cheap things and you can get to all the main attractions in the city by metro also the hotel has a shopping bus it can take you to a great mall a city center Adria and hotel have an outdoor pool, gym, coffee shop and the most important is serves free breakfast but there is one thing which you need to know that the hotel is located just behind mosque so if you have sleep problem you should consider another option.
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