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Best time to buy cheap from Dubai


11 Jan 2022

Dubai and the various cities of the UAE in general are great for shopping and have so many diverse shopping malls that attract many people from all over the world to shop all year round. In the UAE, there are many modern and luxury shopping malls, attractive shops and boutiques and good markets, each of which attracts a group of tourists. With this in mind, it can be said that a trip to Dubai for shopping can be a good and memorable trip for anyone. Of course, if someone can go to Dubai during the Dubai auction season and do his shopping in Dubai at that time, he has won, and his trip to Dubai will surely be more pleasant than usual. It is interesting to know that in the Dubai auction season, the goods and clothes of Dubai shopping malls are discounted up to 70 or even 80%, and this means that you can get the best and most up-to-date clothes during the discounts of Dubai shopping malls. Get it from Dubai Malls at the lowest possible price. In addition, you can participate in the interesting lotteries of Dubai shopping malls during that period, and in addition to all this, also participate in entertainment programs for the Dubai auction season. But the question is, when is the Dubai auction season and when do Dubai shopping malls get discounts?

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Best time to shop from Dubai

In general, 23 shopping festivals take place in Dubai annually, of which the winter festival is the most famous and popular. The Dubai Winter Festival or Dubai Shopping Festival may be held in different years with a short time difference, but it will usually last from December 26 to January 27; During this Dubai Shopping Festival, shops and malls are open for more time, and as long as buyers come to them, these stores are also open and offer their services well. On the last days and holidays of each week, fireworks, dancing and joy are held in different places of the city.

Dubai Summer Surprise is the most exciting part of the Dubai Summer Festival and includes a variety of entertainment programs, many of which are for families.
The logo of the summer surprise festival is in the shape of a sun with a smile on its face and the main slogan of this festival is big entertainment for the little ones.
Do not doubt that measures have been devised to satisfy adults and parents. At the Dubai Summer Festival, for example, many stores hold large auctions that offer good discounts to shoppers. Many stores also offer prizes worth 5 million dirhams to shoppers, which in addition to tourists, also attracts Dubai residents to the stores.
Two examples of festivals held in May are “Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr in Dubai: April 2 to May 7” and “Extraordinary 3-Day Sale: May 2022”. At this event, Dubai brands and retail stores will host buyers with 90% discounts during three days in Dubai shopping malls. The exact date of this 3-day sale has not been announced.

Which city in the UAE to go shopping in the auction season?

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are three of the best cities in the UAE to shop. Of the three cities, however, Dubai is the best and has always been more popular, both in terms of the variety of shopping malls and the discounts offered. The interesting thing to know about the Dubai auction season and the UAE auction season is that at this time, both the UAE shopping malls and the UAE markets and even the small shops and boutiques of the UAE are offering discounts to their customers. Another point is that in the UAE auction season and Dubai auction season, you can buy any kind of goods from clothes to cosmetics and home appliances and even cars at reasonable prices from Dubai and other cities of the UAE. For example, brands such as Zara, Hermes, Bugatti, Tiffany and Versace make their goods up to 80% cheaper during the Dubai auction season, and it can be said that anyone who travels to Dubai at this time has a great chance to buy He gets it. In addition, laptops, mobile phones and other electronics will be discounted during the Dubai auction season. We recommend that if you intend to buy such devices in the Dubai auction season, be sure to go to Nasser Square in Dubai to buy them and expect that you can buy these electronic devices with a 25% to 50% discount. Another interesting point is that during the Dubai auction season, even gold is discounted, and you can buy good jewelry at a discount from Dubai gold shops at this time. So if you also love shopping, it is better to plan your trip to Dubai right now during the Dubai auction season! You still have a chance and you can get a Dubai visa and enjoy these discounts.

What can you buy in Dubai?

Although most people who travel to this city, especially during its 2 festivals, are looking to buy clothes, but apart from clothes, perfumes and sanitary ware, gold, home appliances and decorative accessories, and decorations and digital accessories, There are other equipments that are given good discounts.

In addition to the fact that you get significant discounts during your shopping at the Dubai Shopping Festival, there are other things that are in your favor that we will mention in the following.

  • When you shop in the shops of this city during the Dubai Shopping Festival, you will also participate in various lotteries that will be held there, and very valuable prizes will be waiting for you. For example, in some lotteries up to 500,000 UAE dirhams, customers will be rewarded.
  • A variety of play equipment and programs are provided for your children during the festival so that the children do not get bored while shopping.
    There are also various street programs throughout the city, many of which are organized by foreigners.
  • Since there are many food stalls in the streets and shops selling food, travelers who love different foods on the street can enjoy the food of Dubai street food during the festival.
  • You will also see handicrafts and visual arts exhibitions in the corners of shopping malls, and you can watch them while shopping.
  • Numerous musicians also operate throughout the city, offering a variety of programs for clients.
  • Sports competitions and contests are also held at the same time as the shopping festival, which is interesting for sports enthusiasts.
  • Visa obtaining services for foreign tourists are done more quickly during this period. You can buy Dubai Visa right now through our site.
  • As the festival is very popular internationally, you may see a lot of celebrities during your trip to this city during the Dubai Festival.

The cheapest shopping malls in Dubai

The Dragon Mart

The largest Chinese shopping center outside China is located in Dubai. Among the low-quality Chinese goods, you can sometimes find good goods. It is one of the largest shopping malls and of course a cheap shopping mall in Dubai to pick the best cheap goods; A place where you can order jewelry according to your taste. The price of clothes in this shopping center is significantly cheaper because most of these clothes are of low quality and of course, goods are sold here that are not returned after the sale. The designer clothes sold in this market are much more exquisite compared to the goods of medium stores such as M&H or Matalan.

Dubai Outlet Mall

This shopping center is located on Al-Ain Road and is the most beautiful building among the dome-shaped buildings. Its white dome is clearly visible from afar. This shopping center is equipped with the best parking and is ready to receive customers all days of the week from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Many tourists from different countries come to this shopping center from all over the world. Only in this center you can see the products of the most prominent designers and retailers, who sell their products at a significant discount and have turned this center into a cheap shopping center in Dubai. Tommy Hilfiger oulette, Massimo Dutti oulette and Burberry’s biggest products of the season are within easy reach of the mall.

It is claimed that Dubai World Village is the largest center of recreation and entertainment, shopping and tourism in the world. It can also be said that this village is the first cultural, recreational, family and shopping destination in the region and with an area of ​​one hundred and sixty thousand square meters, annually It has more than 5 million visitors. A large part of the outskirts of the village is surrounded by pavilions that are suitable for activities that can be done in the cool weather of Dubai, from November to April. The center is open all day of the week and visitors can visit this place as a cheap shopping center in Dubai from Saturday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 12 pm and on public holidays until 1 am. Another advantage is the allocation of days only to women, children and families.

Al karama

Another shopping center where you can buy at the most reasonable price is Al-Karama Shopping Center. The best products such as handbags, luxury watches, ultra-stylish shoes and the best souvenirs can be found in the small shops of this shopping center. In this shopping center, you will be able to shop at the best price, because the possibility of bargaining is very high, and these bargains have made Al-Karama Shopping Center a cheap shopping center in Dubai. Al-Karama Shopping Mall is located in the Old Quarter of Dubai near the Dubai Creek and is one world away from the glamorous shopping malls of Dubai Mall.

Tips to follow for the shopping festival in Dubai!

  • Go to the mall early in the morning.
  • Weekends in Dubai are Saturdays and Sundays. Try not to go shopping on weekends as many people choose to go shopping these days and the crowds may bother you.
  • Go to shops where all the goods are auctioned.
  • This festival lasts about 5 weeks so you do not need to hurry, try to enjoy your shopping and have an exciting shopping experience.

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