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Applications that must be downloaded before traveling to Dubai


19 Dec 2021

Applications that must be downloaded before traveling to Dubai
These days, technology encompasses all aspects of travel and makes travel planning easier. All stages of the trip, from booking hotels to taking a taxi and finding your way, can be managed with a few taps on smartphones. Dubai is not far behind and has developed a number of international and local applications to make travel easier for tourists and residents of the city.

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Dubai Mall

Since Dubai is the largest property in the world with 1,200 stores, it is no surprise that GPS is required to navigate this huge complex. The Dubai Mall app is completely free and helps people to explore the mall and find all its attractions. In this app, people can activate notifications related to attractions, fashion, food or lifestyle and even personalize it based on their gender. As a result, the software intelligently provides them with the selected information. The Dubai Mall app also has navigation tools to help visitors instantly.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip software is the perfect tool to find the best restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions in Dubai or anywhere in the world. This software can be called every person’s best friend. Culture Trip provides users with useful articles based on the location of each country and city. In addition to showing the latest Dubai news, the app also introduces people to the historical attractions around the city and helps them save money in order to avoid getting directions. It is highly recommended to download this application before traveling and reading its interesting articles while traveling by plane.


If you are looking for internet taxis in Dubai, Careem software may be the best option for you. Dubai-based Careem is also active in many other Middle Eastern countries and is a convenient way to get around Dubai. People, like other taxi rental software, can use Careem and get on or off wherever they want. Careem drivers are known as captains, and this has become an attractive factor in the daily travel of passengers.

Dubai Metro2

The Dubai Metro2 app is suitable for people who want to travel around the city by public transportation. This application is an ideal way to know the train departure time in Dubai. In addition, Dubai Metro2 provides users with more information such as station names. The Dubai Metro2 app is not only useful, but also very informative, as it provides users with a brief history of the Dubai Metro as well as a list of penalties that users may face when using public transportation. Fines in Dubai range from $ 28 to $ 545, and it seems useful to know them.


All food lovers should download Talabat software. This food delivery app is found in many Middle Eastern countries and is a good way to support a local business, even when ordering food. The app offers users hundreds of restaurants, cafes and fast food and is open 24 hours a day. This will satisfy your cravings even in the middle of the night. The Talabat app also offers discount coupons to its users on multiple food orders.


Another ideal app for ordering food in the UAE, as well as in 23 other countries, is called Zomato. While the range of restaurant choices in the Zomato app may not be as extensive as the Talabat app, the app’s additional options are appealing to customers: Zomato offers a brief overview of each restaurant and other user reviews. The app covers almost all Dubai restaurants, no matter how big or small, and allows users to browse their menus and look at other users’ photos and comments. It is essential to download this app before traveling to Dubai.

Exercise is an important part of many people’s lives and many people do not like to be away from their ideal condition during leisure travel. GuavaPass is a great app when traveling to Dubai. This bodybuilding app allows people to use various sports programs while traveling for a fee as a membership fee. The GuavaPass app covers more than 80 gyms in Dubai. The app also allows its users to use fitness clubs in Abu Dhabi and eight cities in Southeast Asia. Users can choose a suitable daily fitness program and go to special clubs in Dubai to do their workouts while traveling.

Dubai Calendar

Dubai Calendar software can be the best friend for Dubai tourists by displaying the latest events around the city. This app is the best way to stay up to date with the latest city events such as concerts, sporting and cultural events. Dubai Calendar software also gives the best advice to users and categorizes city events into separate categories. As a result, users can browse for their favorite event in Dubai. Another useful feature of Dubai Calendar is that people can buy tickets directly from the software, get all the information they need together and follow all the events with just one software.

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