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Adventures of visiting Expo 2020 Dubai


30 Dec 2021

Ever heard of EXPO? So get ready to travel around the world in four days!

EXPO is the largest exhibition event in the world and the third-largest social gathering event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup, which is in fact the Olympics of Nations Culture. The expo is an arena to show the past, present, and future of countries, where the social, economic, architectural, scientific achievements, and development prospects of countries are presented.
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The last metro station was EXPO, which is outside Dubai, costing about 7.5 dirhams each time you travel from Al-Ittihad station to EXPO. To enter the area, by passing the tickets, you pass through the first gate and in the next gate, you pass with the same hologram on the passports as a PCR test. Al-Wasl Square was the main square of the EXPO, from which all the streets of the exhibition branch off. Al-Wasl Square was a domed hemisphere that is the largest 360-degree projection in the world. There is free Wifi at the fair.


Architecture at the Expo

Architecturally, there are two categories of Pavilions at the Expo:

The first category is Pavilions that use a prefabricated space by the exhibition organizers.

The second category is the Pavilions that the country that owns the pavilion is responsible for the complete design and construction of the architecture, which will certainly have more artistic value.

The first pavilion I saw was Luxembourg. I stood in a relatively long line and entered the booth after 20 minutes. Impressive architectural design with a spiral sloping surface led visitors in and out of the pavilion, which was based on the idea of ​​the Mobius strip, which is in fact indistinguishable from the outer and inner surface strip and is a symbol of infinity.

The booths will be closed from 10 pm onwards. From this hour on, the art, music and theater sections of the exhibition became more active in the amphitheaters and streets of EXPO. . Of course, EXPO had more color and smell on Friday nights, and the highest quality of performances on this night was considered.

The Dubai Metro is open 24 hours, but is exceptionally open on Fridays until 1 am.
You can prepare an EXPO map at the exhibition site. According to this plan, the exhibition was divided into three areas:

Mobility: The blue part of the map, which is formed in line with the technological innovations of mobility and offers solutions for modern cities, artificial intelligence and robotics, explorations, etc.
Sustainability: The green part of the map that revolves around preserving the planet Earth for the future.
Opportunity: The yellow section of the map where the potential of individuals and communities to shape the future is presented.

In each of these three sections, a modern architectural structure that symbolizes that section has been built in that area. But the map also showed two areas, pink and purple.

Your experience of visiting some of the exhibition booths


The first booth I visited was the Saudi booth with a diagonal exterior and an LED mirror. A daring pavilion that promised a long horizon of progress in the future of this country. Upon entering the Pavilion, we entered a dark tunnel with an escalator leading upwards, which was a sign of the country’s dark past. The higher we went, the brighter the tunnel. On both sides of the escalator, traditional towers and fortifications were built on the Arabian Peninsula, while images of Arab sword dancing, caravanserais, etc., along with Arabic folk music, could be seen and heard on the building. But the main message of the pavilion was completed by another escalator that went down. The route was covered with sapphires all over the roof, and while the sound of Beethoven’s symphony could be heard, modern Saudi Arabia was seen celebrating and shining on both sides of the tunnel.


I got my visa from your site and first thank you for your speed of action. I first went to the Saudi pavilion and then to Kazakhstan, and then I visited the American pavilion. This pavilion was attractive to me.
So I write about it here. The queue was relatively long and I stood in line for twenty minutes to visit this booth. In the first part of the pavilion, a moving rail pushes visitors forward, while the walls are covered with screens with the words of American greats and the aspirations of the people of the world to obtain a visa for this country. The next part was about the role of this country in today’s world. The first telephone made by Grahamble, one of the automatic vehicles that landed on the surface of the moon and a piece of moonstone that the astronauts brought with them, showed part of the collection of the history of human progress by this country and sent this message to “The world owes its current owes it to America,” visitors said. This rocket is designed and built to move cargo to Earth orbit and is considered a masterpiece of the modern world. The bases of this rocket were so huge and high that a restaurant was formed under this rocket.

Bertha Sandra

Japan was a booth I visited and I found it fascinating. In my opinion, Japan was one of the top two booths in the exhibition. The line was too long and slow to enter the booth. Several Japanese girls had displayed an estimated arrival time in front of the booth with a sign so that each person could stand in line, aware of the long waiting time. Almost every quarter, twenty people entered the booth. The Japanese girls wore kimonos to entertain visitors in the queue, writing each person’s name on a piece of paper in Japanese as a souvenir, saying that the beauty of the booth would be worth the delay. This structure was a paper origami inside a shallow pool, which on the one hand prevented the sun from shining on the paper, and on the other hand, the water inside the pool, along with the reflection of the image of the building, also made the pavilion cool.
I must say that I bought the visa from your site and thank you for your speed in helping me enjoy the expo. My vacation was short and I suddenly decided to come to Dubai

Anyway after an hour and a half, it was my turn. At the entrance of this booth, we were given an iPhone and a handsfree to give explanations of each part of the route, specifically for visitors. The first part of the Pavilion was a full-length display depicting Japan’s history from samurai, historic sumo wrestling and maritime trade, to modern-day Japan, the creator and pioneer of the robot, cartoon, automobile, and other industries. . Eventually, the screen displayed four of Shoji’s famous doors, each opening to a chapter, at which point guides asked visitors to approach the doors, then cross them and enter the chapters.

It was fantastic. The screen on which these images were displayed hung thousands of strings that were placed together with such strange precision and delicacy that no one had noticed that it was a string until then, and on the other hand, due to the season When we passed Shoji, pictures were displayed. But the next part of the booth was much more attractive. A hall with a cylindrical screen around it and a large spherical screen in the middle. In fact, the spherical screen of the role, the planet and the cylindrical screen around the hall, the role of the galaxy and the universe, and we played the role of suspended astronauts in the galaxy, looking at the Earth from above.

The whole thing was enhanced by the heavy darkness in the hall, the amazing multi-dimensional images, the transcendental music similar to the music of the Interstellar movie, and the artificial fog-creating systems. The final part of the Japanese pavilion was dedicated to the luxurious hall of Japanese semantic models. Models whose buildings were made of books and calculators.

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I was about to visit the Indian pavilion, but a long strange line, the top and bottom of which was not clear and was a small sample of the population of this country, was standing densely, and it is interesting that few visitors except the Indians themselves saw in this line. Be. I did not see this Indian pavilion. I entered the Opportunity area. The first booth I visited in this area was Egypt. I waited in line for half an hour. The hall screens were showing the rich history of Egypt. The statue and coffin of one of the pharaohs, which was said to have been recently discovered, was an important part of the pavilion.
The next booth was in Switzerland. I happened to see my brother standing in line at this Pavilion, a little ahead of me, and we continued on our way together. The structure of this pavilion was a completely mirrored cubic volume. In front of a large part of the main entrance, a large red carpet with a map of the country was spread out. At the same time, each visitor saw his picture with the Swiss flag on the pavilion building when entering the booth, so that a lasting image would be engraved in everyone’s mind with the Swiss flag. In addition, umbrellas with the flag of this country were prepared for a souvenir photo for each person, and we also took good photos with these umbrellas. Upon entering the booth, we disappeared in a thick fog.
All around us were panoramic screens with images of the Alps, making it difficult for us to distinguish between reality and permissibility. We climbed the Alps in an uphill spiral path marked with a light strip. An infinitely amazing experience! Then we went upstairs with an escalator. This section was actually a symbol of the Alpine underground springs dripping down from the roof of the water droplets and then collapsing into a small hole that indirectly referred to the degree of accuracy and planning of Switzerland, like the accuracy of Swiss watches!

You are also interested in visiting the Expo but are worried about the cost of your trip. We have prepared an article about cheap hotels in Dubai as well as street food that you can eat in Dubai. If you decide to come to Dubai after reading these articles, you can see the documents required to come to Dubai and apply for your visa now.

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