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7 best business ideas in Dubai for Pakistanis in 2021


02 Nov 2021

Maybe you also think about coming to Dubai and earning more money. here I have the 7 best business ideas in Dubai for Pakistanis. I tried to explain to you how you can reduce your interest cost and I hope you follow this from a to z and it helps you. let’s go guys

7 best business ideas in Dubai for Pakistanis

Freelance visa

It is not necessarily that you have to do your business after coming to Dubai, if you are new and you don’t have investment so you have more good options available.
for starting your life in Dubai first of all will target freelancers, there is a visa in Dubai which name is a freelancer visa. the cost for a freelancer visa, there is a special package for women for 6000 in which you can open your company and there is an option in some cases that you can sponsor a family member and boys don’t take tension, same option is also available for boys, which is in 6500 for woman, that is for 7000 or 7500 for boys in different cities.
To for applying for this visa you can come on a 3-month visit visa and meet people, make contracts with them and when you make sure to obtain your freelancer visa this kind of visa is really strong. for start your business, take small risks. under this visa you can sell your talent ans skills easy.
So if you are alone, you don’t have a partner, come to Dubai, it’s very cheap in case of coming, all you need is just visa and air ticket, come here for 30 days, there is also 90 days visa.

register company

The other cheapest option is to register the company here. ia m talking about the company LLC and it will cost 19500 AED there in which you have to do 12000 initial payment and then 3 installments of 2500. So it will be positive that if you already have business in Pakistan and you can open your branch here and you can continue your business in Dubai.

7 best Business ideas in Dubai for Pakistanis

IT services
Ras Al Khaimah is a good option to look for a good place for your business. even for creative agencies
and IT Services is good work going on in Ras Al Khaimah. it is under development and offices are opening
so they need services. if you have less initial cost so the best option is RAK (Ras AL Khaimah) because you can pay in installments so it’s a good benefit and there is low competition.

Faction and Beauty
Another option to start in Dubai is faction and beauty faction photographers have a good chance to make a company here because Dubai is known for panache. most of the beauty blockers,
brands have an online and traditional shop here and they need good photographs who help to make good advertising. if you are a professional makeup artist also you have so many chances here to grow up your business

Food and restaurant

most of the people who work in Dubai don’t have enough time to cook and one of the most papular businesses in Dubai is food and restaurant. Indian and Pakistanis food is papular because these minutes are more than other nationalities here. The most important option is you make sure and then move here. we provide 30 days or 90 days visas to come and check whatever that you need to handle your business here.

Take job

in this way focus on your skills. The best skills that you can earn money in Dubai are computer skills like development app or software. web development. make a good CV and search on the Dubizzle or indeed website. write correctly about your skills and don’t put fake options then you will have more chance for taking a job here. income is 30000 to 50000 at the start.

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