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12 Most beautiful places to visit in UAE


22 Nov 2021

The United Arab Emirates has no shortage of wonders that leave visitors in complete shock whether it’s man-made or natural. this tiny country has some unique places in the middle and world. so it is your first time visiting and you are short for time here are the 12 most beautiful places to visit in UAE. that is 12 famous places in Dubai or in other words 12 famous places in UAE. all know Dubai and we tried to talk about other places to visit in UAE like Abu Dhabi.


12 Most beautiful place to visit in UAE 


1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is out of all the beautiful places in UAE. this unparalleled. it is the highest viewpoint in the world. at the top the view encompasses almost the whole of Dubai even the massive skyscrapers appear tiny from up therefrom to sea desert from old Dubai to new neighborhoods everything can be seen from the 148th floors of this building. this is the most incredible spot in town to watch the sunset from tickets are at a cost but easily.



12 Most beautiful place to visit in UAE


2.  Plam Jumeira

one of the world’s most daring developments the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is a haven for all travels. out into the Persian Gulf. this man-made archipelago was built in the shape of a palm tree. the water parks and wildlife encounter to even beach clubs and branches. one of the first things that hit you is its size. it’s even visible from space and the outer crescent is more than mils long but there’s a monorail that runs from the base of the trunk. to the Atlantis making it the ideal base for exploring the must-visit sites of the park.


12 Most beautiful place to visit in UAE


3. Sheikh Zayed mosque

Another place to visit for tourists is the Sheikh Zayed mosque. there is no shortage of mosques in the United Arab emirates however there is one mosque that stands out when compared to the rest one of the eighth largest in the world and is impressive not only for its size but it’s for its architecture. with marble walls intricate, stonework, and crystal chandeliers. this mosque is truly jaw-droppingly beautiful. every tourist should feast their eyes on this beautiful symbol of Islam when they visit emirates.

4. Dubai greek/souk

during a one-day tour of Dubai start at the beginning of old Dubai. the traditional gold and spy suite and souk meaning market in Arabic are only a minute drive from the airport. this is a great opportunity better understand what Dubai was like before the city boomed and to get lots of high-quality spices and maybe even gold. here visitors can also get the opportunity to cross the greek and natural stream of the sea that goes from the city via abra. on a sort of traditional boat taxi but take time to wander have a coffee soak in the atmosphere and don’t be afraid to haggle because bargaining is an integral part of the theater.


12 Most beautiful place to visit in UAE


5. Emirates palace 

Abu Dhabi has no shortage of holes and attractions for visitors coming to stay in the capital. this emirates crown jewel has to be the emirates palace hotel. known as the third most expensive hotel in the world. the cost approximately 3 billion to construct. now it’s a good idea to schedule your emirates palace visit on a weekday. to purely avoid the massive crowds on the weekend. please remember to dress appropriately not in shorts and try to book lavendome cafe with great views of Abu Dhabi.

6. Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE although not well known as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. the spot has a lot of offers in terms of tourism and attraction for everyone when visiting the emirates it’s a good idea to keep Ras Al Khaimah in mind and take a couple of days to explore and all that it has the offer it’s best known for its cultural and archaeological heritage perhaps the most notorious attraction is the al Hamra village better known as the ghost town which dates back to the 14th century. so try to wander around and explore.

7. Desert safari

although this is one of the most popular tourists tours in Dubai desert safaris are a singular experience. safari can give you insight into what life was like in the UAE before the skyscraper and mega projects. the tour consists of dune bashing so don’t eat so much before hopping in the car. visitors can then watch sunsets from the desert and are finally taken to replica down camp where you can watch belly dancing shows, eat traditionally Arabic BBQ and you can even try traditional Emirati dress. to know more about that you can read our article about 2 types of safaris in Dubai in 2021.


12 Most beautiful place to visit in UAE


8. Miracle garden

Dubai’s miracle garden is one of the most stunning attractions in Dubai and every year heaps of visitors head to Dubai to take in the supersites of the 72000 square meter flower park. hosting more than  150 million flowers more than 120 different varieties it’s a bucket list spot for anyone residents and tourists alike. it’s the largest natural flowers garden in the world and some of the flowers have never been cultivated in the region before either the biggest highlight in the heart’s passage it’s defiantly worth the entry fee which is roughly around 10 to 12 dollars.

9. Dubai shopping mall

It’s actually the largest shopping mall in the world so they even have an app to navigate around the mall because it’s that big. There you have it, folks, it’s your first time visiting the emirates here are 12 beautiful places to visit please avoid going here in the summer months because you will fry. trust us we are here in Dubai. for getting more information about. you have everything from an aquarium, you have every shop you can ever think of, from luxurious to specific to the UAE and so many more. so make sure you make a stop ever there you will for sure get lost in the place. so the Dubai mall app will be your best friend.

10. Black tap burger

This is one of the most famous restaurants for burgers in Dubai. one thing remember here is that the Dubai mall you can’t order any actual alcohol so if you need any place to go for dinner, also at the Dubai Mall, we wanted to point out a super cool spot that called Tulum restaurant. we already provide a good article that help you to find the best restaurant in Dubai in 2021.

11. Dubai museum

So moving on to our next thing which is the Dubai museum, it is right down the road actually from the Dubai mall. if you aren’t a museum guy but you should know Dubai try to make everything the best of the best and the design is amazing.

12. The Walk and Beach at JBR

For those who like to shop, dine, see a movie and go to the beach all in one place, consider a trip to The Beach opposite JBR. With guest DJs pumping out the tunes on weekends, a regular open-air cinema, and a popular water park to entertain the little ones for an hour or two, JBR is always buzzing with activity.

that’s 12 amazing places in Dubai that you shouldn’t lose them. just know don’t go to Dubai in the summer month, trust us we are here. to know more about whatever that you need to know before packing your bag and coming to Dubai read 9 tips you need to know before visiting Dubai! (Dubai travel guide)

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