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10 Top street food you must try in Dubai


29 Nov 2021

UAE is known for its extraordinary places where you can spend your money like crazy and burn your cash for all the expensive places that it is known for however there are several street food places that you will surely love since these will blow your mind with the amazing and delicious street food specialty having said these are the food items which you would surely not want to miss. if you are in UAE. If you don’t mind and you want to have a proper meal in Dubai there are so many great restaurants here. we provide a list of the best restaurants in Dubai that might help you. anyway, here we have 10 top street food you must try in Dubai.


That is the national drink of Dubai and can be bought over just AED 1 at any roadside shop. it is usually served in paper cups and has very little quantity. it is best enjoyed with a donut or any sweet cake on the side.


Harees is an Arab dish which is made from wheat and mixed with meat since it is a favorite dish many variants are found in different parts of Arab peninsula. many like making it by boiling wheat whereas others make it with coarsely ground wheat. various countries like adding different toppings and spices in it. it is mostly severed during Ramadan, eid Fitera and Arab weddings.


That is a traditional Emiraties dessert that is favorite among the residents and the tourists. there are crispy fried balls of dough which are very soft and chewy on the inside. aplate would consist several of these small balls served with date syrup or honey to serve the otherwise plain balls with a flavor of sweetness.

Chips Oman Parata

In Dubai, you will probably get used to seeing chips Oman on pretty much every supermarket chelf. Crush them up, roll them up in a Parata or chapati chuck in some mayo and chili sous and you’ve got yourself a crispy stuffed sandwich. over the years various mashups have evolved.


Chebaba is atraditional emirati dish that sort of looks like pancake but comes served with cream chees and topped with a generous drizzle of date syrup or honey the warm cheese dish combines cardamom, saffron and dates.


Egg and cheese feteer a layered levantine bread which is nothing but a kind of like a puffy parate. it works like pizza dough by a pastry chef filled with egg and craft soft cheese then baked in the oven golden and pillowy and it’s yummi


A famous middle east desert is a cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup the salty stretchy cheese makes it one of the best sweet-savory dishes around. it comes in a few styles with varying crust and variety of dough.


If you are yet to come across Koshari. it’s an Egyptian rice macaroni and lentils dish all jumbled up together. this delightful veggie and carb mix is then topped with a spicy tomato sauce and garlic vinegar and is garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. a sprinkling of garlic juice or garlic vinegar and hot sauce are optional.


Manakeesh or Lebanese pizza as we like to call it is some of the cheapest wells as the tastiest street foods in Abu Dhabi. you can take one on the go and make a light lunch out of it from topping of cheese to data. there is so much to try out.


Shawarma is one of the most sought Arabic street food with wrap style rolls you can always be eating a Shawarma on the go add to that it’s flavorful chicken, packed with fries and loads of garlic this is a wholesome meal in itself so where should you eating best swarm in UAE probably everywhere the above list clearly concludes that UAE cuisine is perhaps one of the most sought after cuisines in the this video also you can find  other cheap food in Dubai

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