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10 Things you shouldn’t do in UAE


29 Nov 2021

we’ve all seen in the news and read reports about tourists that got arrested for fairly innocuous things unfortunately they’re all true. so there are 10 things that you definitely don’t do when you are in Dubai or UAE or anywhere in the Middle East. We already provided 9 tips you need to know before visiting Dubai! (Dubai travel guide) that can help you also.

1. Substances

Drinking and Drug are generally but not tolerated. this plenty of alcohol here in the Middle East even though in Muslim countries. they are generally aren’t supposed to drink it you won’t find any problem finding it in the supermarket, in the bar or hotel. But keep it in the bar or hotel because quick frankly if you are caught with alcohol in the middle of the street or if you’re drunk in the public this can get you arrested and find what’s less tolerable than alcohol is drugs. if they find drugs on you, if they find drugs stuck to you, if they even suspect that you are doing some kind of drugs, this is a surefire way of landing. if you do enjoy a drink make sure you enjoy it in the licensed bar and enjoy it sensibly.

what about tobacco?

Generally, tobacco is allowed but only in designed areas. there are specific signs that will point you out to these designed areas where you could smoke failure to contain yourself within these areas will obviously land. 

2. Don't eat and drink in the public during Ramadan

If you are here in Ramadan that means you can’t eat or drink between the hours of sunrise and sunset here in Dubai. No worries, some restaurants close up completely. there’s nothing you can do about that but the ones that stay open will back out their windows pop like curtains up and put up signs saying that they are open to non-muslim and children. you can still go in and custome food and beverage but you can’t leave the premises with it. 

what’s even more inconvenient is if you do this in a shopping mall there are food outlets that will serve you the food but they’ll put it in a plastic bag and they’ll tell you to consume it in the food court now. these shopping malls are palatial and you might be walking 500 meters or more just to reach the nearest food court to take a sip of water so even though it’s inconvenient it’s not the end of the world remember you’re in a though it’s inconvenient it’s not the end of the world remember you’re in a foreign country with a following religion and you have to be respectful of the local wars religions and customs number three don’t stay in a hotel room. 

3. Don't stay in a hotel room with someone you're not married to

Don’t stay in a hotel room with someone you’re not married to or closely related to if you’re a young couple and you want to come to Dubai and you want to sleep in the same room together bear in mind that this is actually illegal and they will check at reception there are ways of getting around this number one where the fake wedding rings green photos of you photoshopped in wedding dresses and suits etc and argue that eating does not have time to change your names etc. that’s usually enough to kind of alleviate any suspicion from the hotel staff but this is a law  that they enforce strictly so if you do find yourself foul of this law you could be facing a quite a lengthy prison sentence whilst we’re on the subject of spouses public displays of affection are not.

4. Viod public displays of affection

Tolerated so in the West we’re happy to hug each other kiss each other or grope each other I guess in the middle of the street this is not tolerated here in Dubai or the Middle East this can get you arrested in the worst-case scenario but more often than not this gets you a tongue lashing from the locals and people who get offended by that number five dress code. 

5. Dress code. Dress appropriately!!

you’ve got to dress modestly when. you’re here in Dubai now. I know it’s hot. it’s always hot it’s a desert country but you still have to cover up the skin so four men. short-sleeved shirts and shorts that go over the knees and for women something that covers and shoulders and a long flowing dress that hides the legs if you stick to that you generally won’t suffer here and yes there are tourists that walk around generally half-naked and yes people don’t bat an eyelid and sometimes. they get away with it but do you want to take that chance they enforce this rule.  strictly in places like mosques and government buildings they won’t let you near the place you’re dressed inappropriately so better in mind when you’re packing your suitcase. 

6. Don't use obscenities or hand gestures  

Swearing can get you arrested and fined so people understand English. they know all the English swear words. if they hear you saying it they will Dobby win or at least give you a good telling off aggressive hand gestures are also not tolerated. So even doing something like this is an insult doing this is an insult and obviously that and that will get you arrested. so if in doubt don’t use any hand gestures at all.

7. Don't take photos without consent

there is a lot of cool things to photograph in Dubai. But you’ve got to watch out because if you take your photograph of someone and they don’t give consent this could plan you. it is some serious trouble especially if you take pictures of women, children, or Emiratis. they hate that and if you are caught taking photos and they’ve not agreed to it. you are going to land yourself in jail. in general, you can go around and take as many pictures as you like with your cell phone. So long as it is for personal use. professional photographers generally have to pay to take commercial snaps. So if you are wielding a professional-looking DSLR don’t be supervised. if secured to your police and ask you the permits. if they do tell you the leave pack your camera away and leave without question.

8. Don't act like a complete tourist

You are on holiday and you should enjoy yourself. yes, you should and so long as you’re respectful of the local laws and tradition, you can enjoy yourself. what’s not tolerated is if you act like a complete tourist if you’re loud aggressive, you dance in the street. if you’re being a general nuisance people are going to notice you will stand out like a sore thumb and it won’t be too long before security takes notice and decide to find you all you can call the police. So better in the mind that the more loutish your behavior the more you stand out, the more likely you going to be caught doing something. 

9. Pay all your bills

It seems rudimentary to pay your bills right. if there is a dispute between you and the restauranteur or you and the taxi cab driver and they believe that you own more money than you think you do ask politely if there has been if they have some kind of mistakes but they insist that they are in the right and you were in the wrong even though you know your rights to for the love of God just pay the money. anyway don’t paying the bills is a serious crime here 

10. Don't steal

If you are not sure whether to take something that you might think is free always ask because stealing is a capital crime here. they really Don’t tolerate stealers here. So if you are thinking about shoplifting, don’t because the penalties are actually really severe. Dubai is relatively crime-free because enforces its laws strictly and without mercy. So bear this in mind before you actually come here. If you are respectful of the local laws, customers, and traditions you have an amazing time here. you never experience a time like that in your life.