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10 of the best souvenirs in Dubai


21 Dec 2021

Dubai is a modern and civilized city and there is not a day that there is no tourist in this city. This beautiful and coastal city, in addition to its attractions and beautiful beaches, has other attractive things that have attracted the attention of tourists from most parts of the world. Usually, those who choose Dabira either go shopping or for fun, and many of them neglect to buy the beautiful souvenirs of this city and forget to bring home a memorial of this city on the Persian Gulf coast; In the meantime, you may say to yourself that Dubai can have souvenirs or what kind of souvenirs can this modern city have with those soaring buildings, yes, Dubai also has souvenirs and there are good souvenirs that you can buy and for Bring gifts to friends and relatives. Dubai handicrafts are very famous and can be mentioned as Dubai souvenirs. In this section, Emiratesevisa has introduced several Dubai souvenirs.

10 of the best souvenirs in Dubai

10 of the best souvenirs in Dubai

Dubai Coffee

One of Dubai’s souvenirs that is very popular among travelers to this city is coffee. A museum called the Coffee Museum has been established in Dubai, where you can see how coffee is made in different countries. There are also shops in this museum that make different coffees available for purchase, and you can buy from each of them according to your taste and take them to your destination country as a Dubai souvenir.

Arabic coffee maker

The Middle East has a rich past that is steeped in coffee. This is the past that made the world-famous coffee, Arab coffee. Since this area is closely related to coffee, it is not surprising that they started designing coffee teapots in the past. Today, these exquisite pieces are mostly decorative and are known as dle in the local language.

These wedges have different designs that are decorated with gold in different places. Their shape is unique to the Arab region and has a long mouth and a beautiful, curved handle. If you are looking for a coffee pot to use at home, buy these copper teapots.


Incense is a kind of rhubarb that has a very good aroma. This oil has an interesting story. The agar tree produces a specific odor when infected by a fungus. At this stage, agar wood is harvested and finally incense oil is extracted from it. Eventually it turns into various aromatic oils. Incense has a higher price due to its strong and different smell.
Incense is related to incense, because it is produced from chips of the same agar wood. Due to its resemblance to incense, incense produces a good odor when burned. If you are looking for a natural fragrance, this is a great souvenir and purchase.

Clothes and fabrics

Dubai is a city of clothes and fabrics and many textile traders of the world do their transactions in this city. It is interesting that printing photos and text on clothes has become very popular and one of the sentences that you can find on T-shirts in shops Dubai’s souvenir shop is “I love dubai” which is very popular with tourists and almost 2 out of 3 people prepare and wear such T-shirts. It should be mentioned that their prices are also It is suitable and you can buy it as a gift and bring it to Iran. In addition to cloth shops, you can bring other souvenirs such as shoes, slippers and handicrafts, which in turn are interesting.

Arabic aromatic oils

Another product that you can buy as a fragrant souvenir is Arabic aromatic oils, which are known in the local market as Arabic perfumes. Just like incense, perfume is extracted from plants. It is then processed and placed in bottles to be sold as an alcohol-free perfume.

There are literally dozens of perfumes to choose from that will leave you hesitant and confused. However, you have to walk between different shops in the markets and choose the perfume you want from the other perfumes.

Camel chocolate

If you like sweet foods, this section is for you. Dubai camel chocolates are very popular. These chocolates are made into small camels in special molds and are sold as camel chocolates. These small camels are sold in small and large boxes. Some of these chocolates also use camel milk. In Dubai, you may see a variety of souvenirs, but we recommend that you taste camel chocolate. This souvenir is unmatched anywhere in the world. You can buy these delicious chocolates from all grocery stores in Dubai.

Dates of Dubai

One of the most important and main souvenirs of Dubai is dates, which has the best type of dates in the whole UAE and is very hearty and sweet and sticks with cold milk and hot tea. They fill Dubai dates with chocolate and nuts and in They are on sale, in fact, it can be said that these dates are genuine Emirati souvenirs, be sure to try them on your trip and be sure to bring them to Iran and entertain your guests with them. It is called Bateel and by buying it, you will bring a sweet souvenir to your friends. To buy this date, you can visit Dubai shopping malls, hypermarkets and Dubai grocery stores.


Electronics are one of the most important souvenirs in Dubai. Many people from neighboring countries of the UAE and Iran go to Dubai to buy all kinds of mobile phones, home electronics and به at cheaper prices. The UAE does not produce these devices, but the price of these devices in the UAE, especially Dubai, is so low that tourists consider electronic devices as souvenirs of this city.

Dubai Wool Scarves

Wool scarves are one of the best and most memorable souvenirs of Dubai and are very interesting for tourists. In the past, Arabs who were shepherds and lived through livestock, wove clothes from the wool of their animals and now this scarf Is a symbol of the weaving art of the ancient Arabs and today is one of the best souvenirs of Dubai, which has its roots in the ancient Arab tradition.

Statue of Burj Khalifa

As you know, the huge tower is the main feature of Dubai. The tower has become a symbol of Dubai over time. The facade of this skyscraper is made entirely of glass, which has added to its charm. Hotels, shopping malls, shops, swimming pools, entertainment venues and… all are gathered together in this one building. In general, it can be said that Burj Khalifa is one of the greatest honors of the UAE. For this reason, many replicas and sculptures of this structure are made and sold in stores. These sculptures are mostly used for decoration, but sometimes they have other uses such as bedside lamps, spyglasses, musical boxes, and so on. These small sculptures are one of the most prominent souvenirs of Dubai.


Dubai is becoming one of the most prestigious and unique centers for selling suitable souvenir goods. One of the best Dubai souvenirs you can bring home from a trip to the UAE is an Arabic lantern. Traditional Emirati houses in Dubai and many Arab houses usually have lanterns made of stained glass and mirrors that are suitable for any home or place.
A variety of Arabic lanterns can be found throughout Dubai. Special and exquisite varieties can also be found in retail stores such as Dragon Mart, Homes R Us and Karama. Affordable lanterns made of aluminum and glass can be purchased for $ 8.17, and those with precious metals and handmade details are priced up to $ 136.14.

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