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10 Best Dubai Restaurants in 2022


06 Nov 2021

we are bringing you the very best restaurants you need to get around in 2021 the timeout Dubai restaurant awards recently crowned the kings and queens of the Dubai culinary circuit and if you and if you haven’t already heard there are some seriously tasty names the mix from Indian to Thai and from steakhouses to seafood we’ve got the cream of the restaurant crop in store for you today so whether you’re looking for restaurants for a business lunch a long time, relaxing over the weekend fine dining date night we’ve got something for everyone and the best part is timeout reviews restaurants across the city anonymously and even more importantly we pay for everything we eat whilst we’re there because we know there’s no such thing as a free lunch and that means you can take our reviews to the bank we judge every venue for its quality o food service restaurant setting and ambiance.


Best restaurants in Dubai


we kick off our gastronomic expedition in Asia with the winner of the Asian category 2021 indo-teen one of the coolest spots in the IFC subzero some say this award-winning
Asian rocks tropical foliage and uber-sheep vibes across the frosty lounge area terrace and retro-glam dining rooms set up in new york in 1984 this restaurant first opened in Dubai
in late 2019 and has been a smash hit ever since a french Vietnamese hot spot plates are adventurous and they pay off in spades don’t miss the Vietnamese ravioli or the summer rolls

Dubai's best restaurants in 20212-min


Now we’re heading to China. the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai for 2021 is Hutong.  one of the star ingredients at Hutong is the humble chili and this restaurant’s reputation is just as hot as its spicy dishes plates are packed full flavor and imagination you’ll understand when you get there and with the option to inject as much heat as you like into orders there’s also no reason not to embrace the spice we’re heading west now. 

If you’re after stellar European fare look no further than marina social one of Dubai marina’s best restaurants has returned to the summit of a truly tasty awards category marina social last picked up this coveted gong in 2017 and has regained its title thanks to its oh so glorious plates on the menu you’ll discover everything from 15-hour bbq short ribs and beef wellington to lobster linguine and the service is also first-class all that combined with views across the marina from the terrace and you’ve got the making of a truly memorable meal. 

if you haven’t guessed our next category is french cuisine headed this year by none other than LPM restaurant and bar LPM restaurant and bar is a regular list of best french restaurants in Dubai and multiple winners of this title the key is unwavering consistency don’t miss the perfectly pink lamb cutlets the rich indulgent dopant potatoes and the beautifully juicy prawns in olive oil a buzzing vibe and a top pick for most occasions this restaurant has that elusive je ne sais quoi

Dubai’s best restaurants in 2021

smashing greek fair has a special place in our hearts at timeout towers and that’s why we crown mythos cuisine and grill as the best greek restaurant in Dubai for 2021. Our beloved taverna takes the title of the best greek restaurant for the second year running. mythos is always a treat and while travel is mostly off the cards it’s as close as we’re getting to a greek holiday right now. the cozy restaurant resembles a traditional tavern and its selection of greek favorites are totally authentic there are no shortage of sizzling grills salads, warm bread, and even greek style burgers plus the tzatziki is the best in town it’s also crucially exceptional value for money

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if you are looking to spice up your next meal out look no further than our best Indian restaurant for 2021. carnival by tread it’s always a party at a carnival by trusting me especially when it comes to the fun-loving flamboyant menu bolstered by lashings of dry ice it’s inventive to say the very least and delicious dishes will leave diners grinning even when the check arrives meals are innovative and playful while the deconstructed desserts are always a mega draw we don’t after this should we table

From India to Italy our best Italian restaurant in Dubai for 2021 is il Borro Tuscan bistro. il Borro Tuscan bistro is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Dubai. nestled against Jumeirah on the seems turtle lagoon whether you sit on the terrace or in the chic relaxed dining room you’ll be treated to excellent service and outstanding food, truffle pizzas, tender octopus, and al dente spaghetti all bases are truly covered here whatever the occasion.

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Zuma is a unique taste of Japanese luxury in the heart of Dubai. With 15 branches in the most important cities of the world, this restaurant is also among the best restaurants in Dubai. Nigi, Sashimi and Maki Zuma sushi are some of the most delicious sushi you can taste in Dubai. Seafood, vegetarian, meat, salads and snacks are other dishes of this restaurant.

A space with minimalist and Japanese architecture designed by the Japanese company Super Potato. Zuma also has private dining rooms for family meetings or celebrations that must be booked in advance.


When you enter Leonardo’s restaurant inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, it is as if you are traveling in history. Leonardo is a prestigious Italian restaurant that tastes Tuscan cuisine with the freshest Italian ingredients.

The menu of this restaurant includes a variety of Italian appetizers or, as the Italians call it, antipasti, soups, special salads and a variety of delicious Italian pastas, the most famous of which is Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe. Enjoy a leisurely dinner inspired by the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci.

Bu Qatir

If you love fresh seafood, you should know that Bu Qatir is a daily catch. In the beginning, the restaurant was sold only for day fishing, and when the day was over, the restaurant was closed.

This restaurant became one of the most popular local restaurants in Dubai. Shortly after Bu Qatir became popular among Dubai restaurants, they moved to a larger location next to the fishing port, with more chairs and tables. Be sure to order day fishing. Shrimp and any type of fish you choose will be fried with fresh spices. They are served with rice and roti and are very tasty.

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